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Figuration in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-10-22Updated:2017-10-22
Similar words: configurationtransfigurationfigurativefigurativelyfigurative languagefulgurationinaugurationfigure skatingMeaning: n. 1. representing figuratively as by emblem or allegory 2. decorating with a design. random good picture
1. And its figuration is clearly seen: three mountain peaks, surrounded by the circle of the globe.
2. Some refuted the differentiation between abstraction and figuration.
3. In modern music we have small ostinato figurations, note-groups or rhythms, which form the background to musical sections.
4. However, in two cantatas in book 3 allusive figuration recurs in a manner that indubitably aids the drama.
5. Namely after figuration of spirit of human body leg long inside not recurrent change.
6. Figuration in Ming's painting thereby into abstraction, without either being clearly separate.
7. Figuration shows many phenomenal difference and functional difference in different type of writing.
8. The con figuration of aplanat for making high resolution X-ray Zone plate to be used in beam line of Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory is also presented.
9. Double eye expands, double - fold eyelid figuration, rectify beautiful brow, how many money to want probably?
10. Methods:The anatomic figuration of musculus orbicularis oris and functional repair were employed to cure postoperative deformity of unilateral complete cleft lip.
11. The auto control of computer figuration realizes the process control of human - machine interface.
12. The emulational result shows that the figuration dimensions of the cracked sheet metal basically satisfy requirements.
13. Their jumbled stories are reminiscent of the black-bordered figures typical of so-called Figuration Libre.
14. By analyzing the system parameters and depth information errors, system integration constraint condition was observed[], and the optimal system figuration was established.
15. As fin intransigent non - objective painter, he is antipathetic to figuration, especially Expressionist and decorative.
16. Look at the birds and flowers on it. They are excellent in figuration.
17. Objective To study the practical erperience of pyloric sphincter incision and figuration for the patients who undertook the uppergastrectomy.
17. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
18. By computer controlling the displacement and speed of MPF can be adjusted figuration rapidly.
19. On the foundation of UCMAIL , development turns around quickly, UCWEB of mobile phone browser subsequently figuration.
20. Such numerals with semantic fuzziness have the rhetorical function of figuration and exaggeration.
21. Today typography may be the subject and could replace figuration. The letter itself has become anthropometric and might draw from an S the sinuosity of the human body.
22. But whether does operation of otology nerve rehabilitate give place to figuration operation, answer to decide according to flesh report graph.
23. It is usually straight grained with a fine, even texture and a faint growth - ring figuration.
24. As a kind of written symbol of communication, Chinese characters are full of historic and cultural knowledge in its unique characteristics of showing meanings and its inner figuration.
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