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Disfigured in a sentence

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Sentence count:60+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-06-11Updated:2017-06-11
Similar words: disfiguretransfigurefiguretransfigurationfigure infigure outconfigurewax figureMeaning: [dɪs'fɪgə] adj. having the appearance spoiled. 
1 Many of the wounded had been badly disfigured.
2 He was badly disfigured by the accident.
3 She was badly disfigured in the fire.
4 She was horribly disfigured by burns.
5 The old city is increasingly disfigured by tasteless new buildings.
6 Her good name was disfigured by instances of favouritism.
7 Her face is disfigured with the scar.
8 Her face was disfigured by a broken nose.
9 His face had been disfigured in an accident.
10 Her face was disfigured by a long red scar.
11 She tried not to look at the scarred, disfigured face.
12 This part of the old town has been disfigured by ugly new buildings.
13 He was disfigured for life by the burns he received in the accident.
14 The accident disfigured him for life.
15 The text is disfigured by irritating errors and sloppy proofreading.
16 Wrinkles and brown spots disfigured the skin.
17 Consider the partially analogous case of those disfigured by thalidomide.
18 Another classically disfigured landscape that can be rich in wildlife is the sewage farm.
19 He opened it and the blast disfigured his face and cost him an eye and three fingers.
20 Bandaged and immobilised, disfigured in the pursuit of beauty, Messager's women seek salvation.
21 Then, in February 1944, her face became disfigured by red blotches and her skin started peeling.
22 Wednesday he re-introduced Kevin Pollak, injured and disfigured by friendly fire in the Gulf War.
23 Likewise John, the horror-story writer neighbour whose face is disfigured by a livid birthmark.
24 The other three corpses are said to have been so badly disfigured that identification is proving difficult.
25 Yet neither man could rid himself entirely of the killing - fields mentality which had disfigured papal rule for so long.
26 The inner cities no longer respond,[] because the communities have dissolved or become permanently disfigured.
27 Tall, in his fifties, his plump reddish face was disfigured with a stubble of unshaven hair.
28 At the end of the season their leaves are frequently dulled and disfigured by powdery mildew.
29 The gardens are now a mixture of municipal bedding and 19C specimen trees, all somewhat disfigured by eye-level lollipop lighting.
30 How could he be so offensive as to stare at the chap's disfigured face, he wondered.
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