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Figurehead in a sentence

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Synonym: frontfront mannominal headstraw manstrawmanSimilar words: figurefigure outfigure inprefigurewax figureconfiguredisfiguredisfiguredMeaning: n. 1. a person used as a cover for some questionable activity 2. figure on the bow of some sailing vessels. random good picture
1, The queen is only a figurehead.
2, King is just a figurehead; it's the president who has the real power.
3, The President of this company is just a figurehead - the Chief Executive has day-to-day control.
4, The party's president had become merely a figurehead.
5, The President will be little more than a figurehead.
6, The Queen is merely a figurehead.
7, The figurehead President, Joseph Nerette, resigned and the post was left vacant.
8, Switzer is regarded as a figurehead who basically just stays out of the way.
9, The chief himself became the figurehead of a car; his bony face was aerodynamically restyled to suit this role.
10, Norway's King Harald V is a figurehead.
11, The manager is merely a figurehead.
12, He was never more than a mere figurehead in the negotiations.
13, The president is essentially a figurehead: the real power lies with the prime minister.
14, The new leader may as a mere figurehead for a cluster of generals and other bosses.
15, The mayor is just a figurehead; it's the council that makes all the real decisions.
16, He was likely a mere figurehead ,( unable to capitalize upon his abilities or realize his dreams.
17, The queen of that country is only a figurehead.
18, The president is just a figurehead; it's the party leader who has the real power.
19, Otherwise Miller would become a dispensable figurehead.
20, The party's president has become merely a figurehead.
21, The president of the club is not just a figurehead.
22, But despite the president s show of contrition, few analysts believe Mr Wahid is willing to become a figurehead just yet.
23, His benign middle-class credentials were supposed to attract a wide spectrum of supporters, but he was merely a figurehead.
24, More than 10 years on, Mr Thomson has once again assumed a figurehead role over Mrs Maginnis.
25, There had only been six, then; the five old Encyclopedistsall dead now-and himself, the young figurehead of a mayor.
26, The Emperor was transformed from a divine figure into a constitutional figurehead.
27, Libya would return to pre-Gadaffi days when it was ruled by a British-managed figurehead king, the doddering Ibn Idris.
28, In addition, as Head of the Commonwealth, she is the figurehead of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations and, as the British monarch, she is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.
29, Bow and stern are decorated with intricate ornaments; she has a life-size figurehead of Amerigo Vespucci .
30, The Vikings built ships with high bows and a projecting stem bearing a menacing figurehead, similar to the ships of William I the Conqueror as seen in the Bayeux Tapestry.
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