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Figurative in a sentence

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Antonym: literalSimilar words: configurationtransfigurationinaugurationfigurefigure infigure outconfiguredisfigureMeaning: ['fɪgjərətɪv /-gjʊr-] adj. 1. (used of the meanings of words or text) not literal; using figures of speech 2. consisting of or forming human or animal figures. 
1. He's my son, in the figurative sense of the word.
2. 'He exploded with rage' shows a figurative use of the verb 'to explode'.
3. He imprisoned her, in a figurative sense.
4. This is about as good as figurative painting gets.
5. He later completed a lengthy study of Figurative Art.
6. Where he is abstract and geometric, she is figurative and expressionist.
7. The essence of realism, it is not merely figurative but meticulously mimetic.
8. Rolle can only talk about it in figurative terms.
9. What then did the figurative artists depict?
10. In this country we are always happiest with figurative art.
11. Through figurative abstracted works on paper, Tempe artist Ron Bimrose taps into light themes like transition(, fate and personal choice.
12. Miracle in the figurative sense, since although we do not know how cells evolved, quite plausible scenarios have been proposed.
13. Contrary to figurative language which is commonly used in advertising, plain language refers to the unadorned, clear and ordinary one, which also finds its wide application in the same field.
14. This figurative habit of his mind crippled his judgement.
15. This is a fine poem with many figurative expressions.
16. Of course, she was using the term 'massacre' in the figurative sense.
17. His career spanned some 50 years and encompassed both abstract and figurative painting.
18. The show was dominated by painting with issued-based and figurative work featuring prominently.
19. The surrounding hills are reflected in the position of the figurative elements; the geometric parts mirror the life of the building.
20. Chardin's paintings of people also find an echo in some of today's best figurative sculpture.
20. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
21. By their loud, garish colours, their swift, violent painting style and their continuing relationship with the figurative.
22. Certainly the titles encourage the spectator to identify some forms as almost figurative.
23. St. John's eyes, though clear enough a literal sense, a figurative one were difficult to fathom.
24. Therefore, the first task in determining the meaning of the figurative language of Revelation is to discover how the original Christians of John's day would have understood it.
25. When the meaning in extension is father from the original meaning, it is more figurative.
26. There exists a bias in the translation circle:in technical translation, logical thinking is a must while figurative thinking is of no importance.
27. Aware of the miseries of the jobless workers caused by the economic crisis of the world, Chaplin decided to make use of the figurative language of movies as an outburst of his feelings.
28. The logic analysis of anti-reality hypothesis compound sentence is to reveal its hidden logic thinking modalities which are different reasoning, counterevidence and figurative reasoning.
29. The key to success, it points out, lies in a balanced appreciation of the meaning engendered by both the surface and deep structure of the figurative language.
30. All the standard accounts highlight questions, which are of great interest, not only to the study of idioms, but also to the study of figurative language in general.
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