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Configure in a sentence

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Sentence count:270Posted:2017-01-14Updated:2017-01-14
Similar words: configurationfigurefigure outfigure indisfiguretransfigurationconfineconfirmMeaning: [-'fɪgə] v. set up for a particular purpose. random good picture
1. How easy was it to configure the software?
2. Both offer myriad ways to configure automatic searches.
3. You can configure your newsreader to sort threads together to follow the progress of a discussion.
4. In the Mac, you configure the program via the Connection option under Settings.
5. Additionally, you could configure the product to be conservative or optimistic in its assessments.
6. Some installed alexipharmic ark, did not configure dishwasher again however.
7. In order to configure gain and optical bandwidth appropriately, a concept of the gain bandwidth product is introduced.
8. Configure the settings within the Server Profile using the Server Profile editor.
9. With the new microdata module you can configure microdata output for basic field types and add microdata output to custom field types.
10. To configure the VTP version on a Cisco IOS command-based switch, first enter VLAN database mode.
11. SD card reader and configure the USB interface, user can pass throw in audio line will be it with computers, music, play device to connect.
12. Further, IDA allows you to configure the number of data slices, such that a given data object could be carved into four slices with one tolerated failure or 20 slices with eight tolerated failures.
13. The following information will be used to configure the server components.
14. Include and configure fabrication and assembly testpoint report output generators within a self-contained and versatile Output Job Configuration file.
15. In the next dialog, you can configure which memory spaces will be cacheable for instructions and data.
16. You cannot configure a leaf node as the master node because it does not have direct access to all the nodes other than its non-root server.
17. To configure the Universal Test Environment (UTE), install WebSphere Portal V5.1 with the Test environment installation option selected.
18. I can only assume that manufacturers who don't properly configure the machines they sell are either lazy or careless.
19. Windows is stuffed full of things you have to configure or change before you can set up a printer, for example.
20. The partitions are used to combat memory fragmentation and to enable users to configure the size of target systems' memory pools.
21. This means that you can take any Akka application that runs only using local actors and configure it (from the outside) to be clustered, replicated, routed etc.
21. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
22. If you set up separate CSX tasks, it is then possible to configure different active time periods in the CSX task definition panel.
23. Bracket with text outside of it. Use right - click menu and control handle to configure text block.
24. Part 2 will show you how to create governance policies and translatable messages, and how to configure access controls.
25. Through this transformation, IIPC enhanced competitive advantage for differentiation strategy in delivery cycle and configure to order.
26. Note: In previous versions of Mule, you had to set the remoteSync flag to true to configure synchronous processing in remote services.
27. Instead of only configuring it to use one virtual Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) device, you need to configure it to use at least two.
28. Use right - click menu and control handle to configure text block.
29. Control performance factor was employed in adaptability function of genetic algorithm in order to realize to configure adjustable factors according to control expectation.
30. If you have a wireless network adapter and you want to choose your own network settings, clear the Automatically configure this adapter check box.
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