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Figurine in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-07-07Updated:2017-07-07
Synonym: statuetteSimilar words: figurefigure outfigure infigure onconfiguredisfigurewax figureprefigureMeaning: ['fɪgjərɪːn /-gjʊr-] n. a small carved or molded figure. random good picture
1. This head once formed part of a small figurine carved from mammoth ivory.
2. She picked up a porcelain figurine and put it down again.
3. In the Qing Dynasty, there were professional clay figurine workshops in Huishan.
4. An example oftransformation is his figurine series made of fiberglass and oil colors.
5. Dough figurine made of colored dough remains colorfast and intact without getting decayed for decades.
6. Thus figurine sculptures look much more attractive to the view.
7. Imitation of high quality pottery figurine, pure hand - made ceramic crafts, collectibles.
8. Clay figurine making is a unique folk handicraft of China.
9. The figurine broke; The freshly baked loaf fell apart.
10. Figurine - Felsteel Boar : Summons the Felsteel Boar to fight for you.
11. People liked his clay figurines very much and gave him the nickname of Clay Figurine Zhang.
12. She bought an exquisite china figurine.
13. Figurine - Dark Iron Scorpid : Every swing poisons your foe for 15 damage over 10 sec.
14. What sees is more than a dough figurine image, must deceive people, first nimbly.
15. I keep just one such picture for every figurine.
16. Figurine - Dawnstone Crab : Reduces melee damage taken by 50 for 20 sec.
16. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
17. Figurine collecting is one trend in Taiwan that seems to have no end in sight.
18. Ramon had managed to endow the figurine with a primitive beauty.
19. Figurine - Emerald Owl : Restores 60 mana every second for 12 sec.
20. A paper bird cannot stand the strong wind, and a clay figurine cannot bear the heavy rain.
21. Alarmed, she had hurried to it, to notice immediately that a small jade figurine was missing.
22. In 1904, a church was erected around the fragile figurine.
23. By the time she turned around, Paula Engado was frozen in space like a china figurine.
24. MILAN - La Gazzetta dello Sport spoke to Pippo Inzaghi after he received a special Panini figurine as compensation for not making the Italy World Cup squad collection:'I like the figurines.
25. An Associated Press report described how they placed a GPS tracking device inside the replacement figurine.
26. Time Generally we provide party content mainly have game, magicians, antics, videotape, sugar-coated figurine sugar painting, dough and facial coloured drawing or pattern, etc.
27. I went to the gimp's office, he was sitting about like a clay figurine.
28. How do you like the appearance of the clay figurine?
29. Our chart shows Auriga for around midnight, when the pentagon - shape figurine hits zenith.
30. I'm just happy when the mud Nu Wa, a clay figurine.
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