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Endeavour in a sentence

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Synonym: attempteffortendeavorenterprisestrivetrySimilar words: rendezvousin favour ofindependentindependencebe independent ofrendersendertenderMeaning: [ɪn'devə] n. 1. a purposeful or industrious undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness) 2. earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something. v. attempt by employing effort. 
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1 I will endeavour to arrange it.
2 We must constantly endeavour if we are to succeed.
3 Please make every endeavour to arrive punctually.
4 We will make every endeavour to obtain sufficient supplies.
5 Governments should endeavour to mitigate distress.
6 We must always endeavour to improve our work.
7 They made every endeavour to find the two boys.
8 You must endeavour to improve your work.
9 We wish her every success in this endeavour.
10 I shall endeavour to accommodate you whenever possible.
11 You should key up your endeavour to achieve sucess.
12 We endeavour to avoid the old, romantic idea of a gusher(, which wastes oil and gas.
13 Please make every endeavour to arrive on time.
14 You must make an endeavour to work harder.
15 Enthusiasm is a vital ingredient in all human endeavour.
16 In an endeavour to improve the service, they introduced free parking.
17 They would be the outcome of human endeavour, and subject to human control.
18 Nineteenth-century philanthropic endeavour, if inadequate and ill-coordinated, was nevertheless conducted on a large scale.
19 We will endeavour to sell your items for you.
20 We always endeavour to provide our customers with the highest standards of service.
21 She made a 1:5 scale replica of Captain Cook's ship,('The Endeavour '.
22 Learning a foreign language well can be a lifelong endeavour.
23 Crossing the North Pole on foot was an amazing feat of human endeavour.
24 The mission for the crew of the space shuttle Endeavour is essentially over.
25 He has the ability to achieve success in whatever field of endeavour he should choose.
26 The public bombarded the company with complaints in an endeavour to have the price increases revoked.
27 For most of the century Mount Everest had been the ultimate symbol of human endeavour.
28 It was no accident that this was a major area of feminist endeavour.
29 If there are other specific requests please let us know and we shall endeavour to satisfy them.
30 The first event of 1993 is again fortunate to have secured three leading figures from very different fields of endeavour.
More similar words: rendezvousin favour ofindependentindependencebe independent ofrendersendertendergenderoffendertendencydefendervendettaengenderextendeddependentsuspendedcondescendresplendentapprehendedtranscendentdevourvouchdevoutnervousweaveheaveheavyleavemischievous
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