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Undersurface in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2019-11-30Updated:2019-11-30
Similar words: hypersurfacesurfacesurfacedsurfacersubsurfaceresurfacesurface areasurface waveMeaning: n. the lower side of anything. 
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1, One day, he said undersurface this story versus a student in class mission school.
2, Method Temporal flap dissection undersurface the superficial layer of deep temporal fascia first, then subcutaneously beyond hairline in temporal area, forming a step by step dissection plane.
3, Atmospheric reentry generates tremendous heating on the undersurface of spacecraft (a couple of thousand degrees Celsius) caused by the friction of the air rushing by at hypersonic speeds.
4, It is worth popularizing as a new type undersurface layer gradation of asphalt pavement.
5, According to said invention the upper surface and undersurface of food to be cooked can be simultaneously heated by heater.
6, The flaw undersurface and stress on the step at the edge side of roller are the major factors that influence the timing chain working life.
7, He imagined the ship dangling upside down on the undersurface of the Earth,( the giant fingers of gravity holding them firmly in place.
8, Experiment of convective drying of wet quartz sands as porous media, which had adiabatic-impermeable boundary of undersurface and convective boundary of upside, was carried out in laboratory.
9, The defects of stick breaks and seams often appear on the undersurface of the strip, its formation is re lated to the condition of CSP the roller in the heating furnace.
10, As they reach the mass, they diverge and arch around the undersurface to merge with the inferior pole of the mass.
11, It's a better solution to use external rafter doom roof on the occasion of medium of high causticity or difficult to paint on the undersurface of roof plates.
12, Results The CT features included involved in iliac side mostly, cartilage calcification, joint space narrowing or widen, articular surface and undersurface erosion, ligament calcification.
13, Large flicker of eastern North America with a red neck and yellow undersurface to wings and tail.
14, Research on reservoir flow units is of significance for better understanding the rule of undersurface fluid flow and distribution of remaining oil during the process of water injection development.
15, The high speed running of train needs smooth and stable foundation of track undersurface . It means that a high quality of stability for the settlement is needed for high-speed railway.
16, PS : Don't use chemical leechdom , that will destroy undersurface.
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