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Temperature change in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2018-05-14Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: temperature rangetemperaturerun a temperaturetemperature riseroom temperaturebody temperaturehigh temperaturetemperature scaleMeaning: n. a process whereby the degree of hotness of a body (or medium) changes. 
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1. The temperature change in winter is less pronounced in maritime areas.
2. In Example 12 the temperature change over a time interval was to be worked out.
3. Young babies, whose sensitivity to temperature change has not yet developed, are also particularly at risk.
4. Let your body get used to the temperature change!
5. Amount of temperature change depends linearly on the molality of B, with a constant that depends on what the mixture is.
6. Had more water been used, the temperature change would have been smaller.
7. Independent of flow pressure change and temperature change in a given range, MFC/MFM show the excellent repeatability, controllability and wide operating pressure range.
8. A giant cabinet sealed behind a double skin to protect it's exquisite exterior from dust and temperature change.
9. The autonomic nervous system disperses and concentrates pigment throughout the body after external influences such as fear or temperature change.
10. Ccontents is the specific heat capacity of the contents; and T is the temperature change of the contents.
11. Some are particular for the exploitation, such as the ground temperature change and the thermal pollution.
12. In the voltage regulator circuit, the zener diode which acts as the voltage datum, along with the temperature change,[ change.html] its regulated voltage value also can have the corresponding change.
13. Objective: To study the relation between diseases and boby temperature change of patients after surgery.
14. One of the methods is attracted as it employs the magnetic material of low Curie point which is in response to the temperature change and thus able to de-ice automatically.
15. Compared with dry heat test and low temperature test in general environment, the rate of temperature change during HALT test is much faster.
16. The slip spheric joint support is also used for the large-span steel structure roofing in order to dispel distortion by temperature change an.
17. When the droplet size is decreased to below a critical size, temperature change and microstructure of the droplets are sharply transformed.
18. The temperature sensitivity of the frequency as a function of quartz crystal anisotropy is presented by the perturbation equation due to the temperature change.
19. Because bi metal element in miniature circuit breaker is easily affected by ambient temperature change, the protective characteristic of overload will be changed with ambient temperature change.
20. It shows that determination of sodium hydrosulfite content is less affected by time and temperature change when acid...
21. The heat transfer and solidification change are analyzed by measuring the temperature change curves of metal mold, casting and pressurized bar in experimental model during local pressurization.
22. He thinks that after the minor planet hit the earth, the temperature change left more dinosaur boys than girls!
23. The infrared measuring temperature technique as non-contact measuring temperature method can reflect the heat cycle process of the temperature change along with time of the weldment.
24. The linear superposition of the temperature pre-change by the other ones thus will greatly increase the temperature change.
25. This approach can not only eliminate defocusing effect of optical system caused by temperature change, but also make the aerial digital camera be smaller and less weighty.
26. The taphole of UHP-EAF should stand severe molten steel corrosion, slag erosion, oxidation and temperature change during operation.
27. Furthermore, the value of heat inertia in the hearth of copper refining rotary anode furnace in the reduction phase is so big that smoke temperature change can not quickly respond to the disturbance.
28. The application of the simplified Fermionic integrals reveals that the carrier concentration varies with temperature change.
29. The results show that aerobus suspending cable structure is different from suspension bridge in mechanical properties when it acted by external factors, such as temperature change, load, etc.
30. The electric water heater has the characteristics of effective reduction of the heat energy consumption of hot water in the water outlet pipe, small temperature change range, and the like.
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