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Surface-active in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2022-08-04Updated:2022-08-04
Similar words: surface-active agentsurface areasurface-to-surfacecontact surfacesurface protectionreflecting surfacesurface reflectionsurfaceMeaning: adj. capable of lowering the surface tension of a liquid; used especially of detergents. 
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(1) The surface-active components of the culture broth were mainly glycolipids and monoglyceride.
(2) The surface-active agent used by the experiments can decrease the influence of the capillary pressure on gas percolation, so that increase the gas phase permeability.
(3) The catalytic systems containing the surface-active phosphine show a clear matching relation between the length of olefin chain and hydrophobic chain of the surface-active phosphine.
(4) On the basis of HLB suitable surface-active agents such as Polyether, Tween-60, Span-20 and Span-80, which exist as capsules, are selected.
(5) The results show the surface-active agent used by the experiments can reduce the capillary pressure and the surface tension between gas and liquid obviously.
(6) This product contains a number of surface-active agent, water softener compound made of concentrated liquid Degreaser can be rapid and effective removal of heavy oil.
(7) The addition of stabilizer, surface-active agent and acetic acid is able to affect sol thixotropy.
(8) Additionning surface-active agent and selecting the expedient equipment of the comminution.
(9) Fortunately, beer contains surface-active proteins left over from the malted barley and wheat used in the brewing process.
(10) Bisquats is a surface-active agent which has wide application potential.
(11) Surface-active agent has such fuctions as wetting, emulsifying, dispersing, deterging and foaming.
(12) In this article, we introduce all kinds of surface-active agent including their characters, functions, and their history in metal field and an oil scale and antirust cleaner for metals is prepared.
(13) A unique formula containing highly active alkali, excellent surface-active agent, water treatment agent, stain-resistant re-attachment agent, fluorescent brightener and so on.
(14) Usage: Used as the gentle surface-active agent of cleansing foam, body shower foam, soft soap and fancy soap.
(15) In terms of its different hydrophilic group, surface-active agent can be classified into cationic, anionic and non-ionic surfactants.
(16) Organic surface-active products and preparations for washing the skin, in the form of liquid or cream and put up for retail sale, whether or not containing soap.
(17) Surface-active hydrophobic mono-lauryl polyoxyethylene(6)ether acrylate(AE)was pre- pared from lauryl alcohol polyoxyethylene(6)ether and acrylate(AA).
(18) In this invention, an appropriate surface-active agent as an emulsifier is added to the liquid agricultural chemical, and stirred to homogeneous.
(19) Biosurfactant is a high surface-active agent synthesized by microorganism. Compared with chemical surfactant, it has a low toxicity to ecological system and can be easily decomposed.
(20) In addition to the surface-active component, it is possible to use further components, which are demulsifiers, nonemulsifiers, cosurfactants or modifying agents for the surface tension.
(21) This product is a mild surface-active material by a variety of compound formed, scouring strong, washed clean and shiny cutlery.
(22) The new method in the determination of negative ion surface-active agent is introduced, comparing with methylene blue method, it have merits of simple operation step and little dosage.
(23) Experiments showed that the photoreaction is affected by the solution pH value and by the presence of carboxylic acids and surface-active agents. The reaction mechanism was preliminarily discussed.
(24) The nanodiamond dispersion experiment was done by inorganic electrolyte, surface-active agent and supersonic wave methods.
(25) A substance that reduces surface tension to reduce or eliminate foam. Defoamers are surface-active agents such as aluminum stearate, octyl alcohol, tributylophosphate, pine oil, and organic silicones.
(26) The study results show that series RAXEO are fine surface-active substances and that series RAXEO are useful as civil and industrial surface active agents.
(27) Adopt the chemical method, carry on the saponification to the lignin sulfonic acid calcium, and compound with the surface-active agent.
(28) Company's main business products include: liquid organic silicon series, surface-active agent series, washing chemical series, plastic series, ethanolamine series.
(29) The alcohol and amine in producing soda by the tertiary amine method were considered as surface-active substances.
(30) The fraction mixed acids are shown to be the main surface-active substances for the emulsification of crudes by aqueous alkali and the fraction non-acids can only promote and enhanc...
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