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Sunlike in a sentence

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1) Those, in concert with fiery remains of the ships and tanks, consumed the airship in a sun-like conflagration.
2) Meanwhile, the sunlike star aged in the normal way, eventually swelling, blowing off its outer layers and collapsing to the white hot ember known as a white dwarf star.
3) Explanation: Six worlds orbit Kepler-11, a sunlike star 2, 000 light-years distant in the constellation Cygnus.
4) These asteroid - sized objects pack sunlike masses, extremely small orbits, and incredibly fast spins.
5) And because sunlike stars could account for up to half of the Milky Way's population of several hundred billion suns, that means hundreds or even thousands of civilizations might inhabit our galaxy.
6) Now observations of formerly sunlike stars called white dwarfs suggest that the overwhelming majority of them once harbored at least one rocky world.
7) We've been observing a sunlike star called 55 Cancri, star 55 in the constellation Cancer, for 19 years, and we watch the wobble of this star as it's yanked on by the planets orbiting it.
8) Plants on a planet with two sunlike stars could need protection against too much radiation—they might evolve their own UV-blocking sunscreens.
9) When a sunlike star exhausts its hydrogen fuel and then its helium, it turns to its carbon and oxygen.
10) At that distance, a sunlike star is visible through binoculars.
11) Perhaps an eighth of sunlike stars have close-in smallish planets.
12) Based on the data,( the team extrapolates that at least 3.5% of all sunlike stars across the Milky Way currently harbor rocky planets.
13) The TPF would block the blinding glare from nearby, sunlike stars in order to take portraits of the planets that orbit them.
14) And we're just now announcing the discovery of the fifth planet, the first planetary system with five full planets orbiting a sunlike star." Our solar system has eight planets.
15) It involves pointing a radio receiver at a candidate star (one that is sunlike and not too far away) and listening for some sort of steady signal — an alien radio broadcast, on all the time.
16) A white dwarf is the inert remnant of what used to be a sunlike star.
17) And we are just now announcing the discovery of the fifth planet, the first planetary system with 5 full planets orbiting a sunlike star.
18) The binary star system consists of two white dwarfs—the burnt-out cores of sunlike stars.
19) Scientists next plan to upgrade HARPS hardware and software and use the instrument to conduct a more refined search of nearby sunlike stars for rocky Earthlike planets that could support life.
20) Tarduno and Eric Mamajek, an astronomer at the University of Rochester, used observations of young sunlike stars to infer how strong a solar wind the Earth was up against.
21) For the new study, astronomers used HARPS to observe 376 sunlike stars in our home galaxy, the Milky Way.
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