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Succinic in a sentence

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Sentence count:45Posted:2021-08-28Updated:2021-08-28
Similar words: succinic acidsuccinimidesuccinctsuccinylsuccinatesuccinctlysuccinctnesspucciniMeaning: adj. of or relating to or obtained from amber. 
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1. This enzyme catalyzes the oxidation of succinic acid.
2. These include succinic acid and glutaric acids.
3. Acid phosphatase and succinic dehydrogenase activity was decreased.
4. Succinic acid ( butanedioic acid ) A dicarboxylic acid formed by fermentation of sugars.
5. Succinic acid was used as target during ozonation of chlorophenol, whose concentration measured by ion chromatography.
6. Diisopropyl succinate was synthesized from succinic acid and isopropanol with p - methyl benzenesulfonic acid as catalyst.
7. Taking succinic acid, alcohol as material, cation exchange resin as catalyst the diethyl succinate is synthesized.
8. Octenyl succinic anhydride ( OSA ) modified early indica rice starch was prepared slurry systems using response surface methodology.
9. Acetic acid changed unremarkably. Succinic acid changed not significantly from stage one to stage two, then increased and it was the highest in the stage three.
10. The usual chemical process involves making succinic acid from crude oil or natural gas.
11. Polyisobutenyl succinic anhydride is an important intermediate for production of ashless deter- gent dispersants such as succinimide, succinic ester and phenolic amine types.
12. Succinic acidacid A dicarboxylic acid formed by fermentation of sugars.
12. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
13. The effects of propanedioic acid, succinic acid, hexanedioic acid, sebacic acid and oxalic acid on floatation performance of feldspar and quartz in dodecyl amine system were investigated.
14. Using solvent to extract succinic acid in and tartaric acid in chemical nikel plating liquid.
15. Dodecanol abietate succinic anhydride was synthesized from abietic acid. The structures of products were characterized by spectrum of IR, HNMR and MS.
16. The present invention relates to a succinic diester polymer which is used in the preparation of water-in-oil macroemulsions.
17. This method was proved to be a rapid, effective way to determine the organic acid in succinic acid fermentation broth of Actinobacillus succinogenes .
18. Norfloxacin succinyl was synthesized by Nacylation of norfloxacin with succinic anhydride in 79.8 % yield.
19. This paper studied the effect of starch anhydride of octenyl succinic ( OSAS ) as stabilizer in yogurt.
20. The active strong-to-weak sequence of organic dibasic acid on quartz is propanedioic acid, succinic acid, hexanedioic acid, sebacic acid and oxalic acid.
21. HPCE - MS method for malonic, malic , lactic , succinic , glutaric and glutamic acid in cane vinasse was established.
22. An innovative system of RP-HPLC method was proposed and optimized for detecting the organic acids and hydrosoluble vitamins in succinic acid fermentation broth.
23. OBJECTIVE A capillary electrophoresis with conductivity detection method to determine succinic acid in Pheretima aspergillum was described.
24. The invention provides actinobacillus and a method for producing succinic acid.
25. The effect of redox potential regulation on the metabolites distribution in succinic acid production by anaerobic fermentation of Actinobacillus succinogenes was studied.
26. The first step in the synthesis of succinimides and their derivatives is the preparation of Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride (PIBSA).
27. Reaction temperature should be increased as high as possible under the condition of assuring the color of polyisobutylene succinic anhydride.
28. The hemisuccination process and reaction kinetics of stigmasterol with succinic anhydride using toluene as a solvent, pyridine as a catalyst were studied.
29. Hydrolysis time, temperature, acid concentration are the main hydrolysis factors of octenyl succinic anhydride modified starch.
30. Suitable anhydrides for use in this process include phthalic , maleic, and succinic.
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