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Subtree in a sentence

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1 Backwards Pruning One way to define a sub-tree is to reduce the depth to a partial solution.
2 Collect all columns used in a subtree.
3 This subtree, in turn, has other separate subtrees under it that hold the user entries, group entries, and other necessary information.
4 Subtree node is usually referred to as the "left sub-tree" and "the right sub-tree".
5 In this article, we specify only one subtree for the configured LDAP server.
6 Registry Editor could not save the subtree into a file.
7 Any properly formatted message subtree can be sent to the control node.
8 This command will walk the entire subtree of a given management value and return all the information about the system contained within the subtree.
9 Subtree analysis and three area satements (TASS) procedure are used to deal with the area relationship in historical biogeography.
10 Based on the concepts of subtree information equivalence and subtree information consistency, the definition of XML weak functional dependency was given and its properties were studied.
11 The location contains the current subtree and the path to the root.
12 Listing 2 follows a general pattern of reading the source XML tree and then adding corresponding nodes to the output HTML subtree.
13 Every node in the address tree will have lesser address nodes in its left subtree and higher address nodes in its right subtree.
14 When you use //, the XSLT processor has to inspect the whole tree (or subtree) in its full depth.
15 They expect to work with an entire document, or at least an entire subtree of a document.
16 Notice that the element includes child elements that form a subtree structure under the element.
17 Note that in traversing a tree, at any point in the traversal[], a node can be the root of a new subtree.
18 The W3C provides for this in the exclusive canonical form specification, which is almost entirely concerned with sorting out namespace declarations within and outside the target subtree.
19 If there are multiple definitions of the same account, each under a different subtree, only the first account will be visible to the AIX 5L operating system.
20 According to our well-established Huffman coding, starting from the root node in the left subtree is marked as 0, the right is labeled 1.
21 The destination node may be in another document,( in which case the subtree is copied between documents.
22 Now that the repository has been added to the list of federated repositories, a base entry needs to be configured to point to a subtree (search base) in the LDAP directory.
23 This requires DB2 to navigate down into the "addr" subtree of the document to look for phone elements at any level of the document. This is avoidable overhead.
24 For information on how to remove a leaf node or entire node subtree from a document, see Removing Nodes from the DOM.
25 Each repository may be an entire external repository or, in the case of LDAP, a subtree within that repository.
26 Every node in the size tree will have lesser size nodes in its left subtree and greater size nodes in the right subtree.
27 With the repository that was just added, enter the path of the subtree, which will be searched in the LDAP server for user entries.
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