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Stratified sampling in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2018-02-20Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: stratified samplestratifiedpseudostratifiedratifiedsamplinggratifiedrepresentative samplingrandom samplingMeaning: n. the population is divided into subpopulations (strata) and random samples are taken of each stratum. 
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1) Quota sampling is like stratified sampling, but with an important variation.
2) To avoid this possibility, we can opt for a stratified sample.
3) I used a stratified sample technique in two stages to ensure an adequate representation of singlehanded and group practices.
4) It is necessity that stratified sampling is used to investigate to the trees and the new stumps, and the spatial distributing pattern of the red turpentine beetles was Negative Binomial Distribution.
5) According to the characteristic of equipment and stratified sampling theory, the separate ratio estimator is applied to the appraisal of machinery and equipment.
6) Methods: Using stratified sampling method to determine the survey places,[ sampling.html] The schistosomiasis in people and livestock were surveyed by the methods of nylon bag incubation and top - tube incubation.
7) Methods Multistage sampling and stratified sampling were used and information was gathered by interview with questionnaires.
8) Stratified sampling method was applied to investigate immunization status of ecdemic children and its affecting factors in Baoshan District.
9) As the sampling survey is stratified sampling, so the research of the sample rotation is under the stratified sampling.
10) Stratification is one of the key techniques in stratified sampling investigation and monitoring using remotely sensed data.
11) Methods: With stratified sampling and cluster sampling, we investigate 487 families in poverty.
12) Method Stratified sampling was used in this study, and a self-administered questionnaire was conducted for data collection of personal health status and hospitalizing behavior.
13) Methods:The stratified sampling and cluster random sampling methods are used in this survey.
14) This theory was verified by the experiment of stratified sampling chemical analysis of silicon carbide material.
15) As a common sampling method in modern statistics, stratified sampling attracts much attention in practice. It has higher sampling precision than random sampling.
16) Methods Stratified sampling methods were used to carry out the prevalence study of maternity and child care for women at child bearing-age in Luochuan County and Bin County.
17) Method Stratified sampling method, 4185 women from the community in different physiological period, 660 women were randomly selected for the survey.
18) In this study[], stratified sampling is used to select samples in Gansu Province.
19) Methods: Using the method of multistage stratified sampling, 3000 people were investigated with "health and health system responsiveness", the questionnaire coming from WHO.
20) At present, the methods of random sampling, systematic sampling and stratified sampling are widely used in remote sensing sampling.
21) Methods Middle School students in Jiangsu Rural Areas were investigated with SCL-90 by stratified sampling.
22) Methods A questionnaire investigation was carried out among students and their parents of 4 middle schools in Ningbo which were selected with a stratified sampling method.
23) During future-spot arbitrage analysis, two different types of index replication method including industry stratified sampling and ETF portfolio replication are investigated.
24) Methods Students from 6 high schools in Hangzhou were selected stratified sampling.
25) We then collected samples of soils and sediments for analysis at random points within ecotope features selected by a regionally-weighted stratified sampling design.
26) In this paper, the estimation of prevalence and it's variance calculating are discussed when clustering sampling, multistage sampling and stratified sampling being used simultaneously.
27) The paper compares the three kinds of methods and, according to the characteristics of watt-hour meter in use stratified sampling, considers Neyman allocation as the appropriate method.
28) Methods A large - scale survey was conducted at 250 medical health units based on stratified sampling.
29) During the course of cluster sample verification, systematic sampling and stratified sampling"s accuracy are prior to simple random sampling"s.
30) The influencing factors of feat technique in hygiene were investigated in Sichuan with the method of the stratified sampling and the categorical data analysis.
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