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Second-order in a sentence

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Sentence count:106Posted:2024-01-18Updated:2024-01-18
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(1) Second-order constructs are similar to scientific constructs and are modelled on ideal-typical situations.
(2) It is prized in cultures which use second-order systems of logic and dialectic to reason about the world.
(3) The above reaction is called second-order reaction.
(4) The ramp input is followed by second-order integration in the method of conventional control if steady-following error is equal to zero. It makes the system transient quality decrease.
(5) First-order stimulated Raman spectrum of carbon sulfide second-order stimulated Raman spectrum of carbon sulfide and fourth-order stimulated Raman spectrum of toluene were observed in the experiments.
(6) Based on the second-order coherence function theory, authors have studied nonlinear effects of third-and fifth-order on polarization beats in a cascade three-level system (TPBCTS and FPBCTS).
(7) The integral expressions for scattered fields including the second-order scattering terms are given based on the reciprocity theorem.
(8) The proposed system is a standard second-order system, so the resonant frequency can be estimated through the transient responses of the system.
(9) Rate of ressociation of DNA fragments is a second-order reaction.
(10) Three new second-order quadratic differential equations were put forward and their integrability was demonstrated with the method of order degradation and linearization.
(11) It's a second-order equation in x, and is a parabola and a parabola has this shape.
(12) Azo-dye is a quality second-order nonlinear light-induced chromophore molecular. Silicohydride compound has excellent photoconduction , transparence and non-linearity.
(13) The zeroth the first-and the second-order analytic solutions are obtained for fully developed flow in circular pipes with narrow annular cross section using a perturbation method.
(14) The stability with probability 1 of second-order linear systems with random parametric excitation and a certain class of second-order nonlinear systems with random parametric excitation is studied.
(15) To discover how to find the component values of a synthesised high-pass filter, consider the particular case of a second-order type.
(16) This is to be achieved through the construction of ideal-types and second-order constructs.
(17) The emotion felt, although heavily qualified, can be equally or even more intense, as for all second-order experiencing.
(18) It is concluded that temperature can affect preraised height to some degree if the difference of temperature is great enough, but the second-order effect can be neglected.
(19) A numerical model was designed to describe kinetics for a reactant to diffuse with a second-order reaction with another reactant in a gelatin layer.
(20) This paper introduces the difficult assistant teaching software of circuit and its application in the transient state analysis of second-order linear dynamic circuit.
(21) In the present paper we studied the bulk modulus, shear modulus and second-order elastic constants as a function of temperature .
(22) A simple approach based on an analysis of the location of second-order parasitic poles is used to suppress the self-sustained high frequency oscillations usually found in these circuits.
(23) The results show that these compounds have high values of second-order nonlinear polarizability in solution.
(24) With the helical antenna and a V-shaped plate antenna as a unit antenna and the second-order hexagon as the array, the antennas are integrated and simulated and get the low side-lobe characteristics.
(25) In the long run, as human beings reorder their lives to adjust to the new realities, the second-order effects of innovation are both more dramatic and more systemic.
(26) By using a fixed point theorem in cones, we investigate a second-order equation and the theorem of existence of unique positive periodic solution is given.
(27) An intelligent sampling technique coupled with the steepest descent method is implemented for on-line estimation of the process, which can be approximated by a second-order model with time delay.
(28) The damping ratio is an important characteristic parameter in a second-order system, which has great effect on the dynamic characteristic of the second order system.
(29) It first introduces an inner feedback loop for integrating processes through PD controller, and the loop system is approximated to a second-order plus time delay model.
(30) The calculated results indicate that molecule 1 has higher second-order nonlinear optical polarizability.
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