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Relaxation method in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2020-07-23Updated:2020-07-23
Similar words: correlation methodrelaxationcombination methodrelaxation timeelimination methodclassification methodidentification methodrelaxation behaviorMeaning: n. a method of solving simultaneous equations by guessing a solution and then reducing the errors that result by successive approximations until all the errors are less than some specified amount. 
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1. Relaxation method is an important image shape matching method.
2. The basic theory and solution strategy of dynamic relaxation method for form finding are systematically discussed.
3. Force directed annealing algorithm is force directed relaxation method combined with simulated annealing method.
4. Using matrix splitting and relaxation method of matrix inversion, two new sparse approximate inverse preconditioners or preconditioning methods are proposed.
5. An interval relaxation method to system of nonlinear equations is discussed in this paper.
6. The dynamic relaxation method is applied to the static analysis of cable nets.
7. In this paper, dynamic relaxation method(DRM)is applied to study the nonlinear stability behavior of cylindrically curved cross ply under panels uniaxial uniform compressive displacement.
8. Based on the dual relaxation method, an extended convex programming and sequential linear programming optimal power flow approach is presented for online optimal dispatch.
9. The relaxation method in analog computation for rectification process of associate systems is introduced.
10. Relaxation method is kind of experimental technology of studying on the dynamics of quick reaction.
11. Based on dual relaxation method to extend a special convex separable programming algorithm, this tracking algorithm was constructed by parametric analysis.
12. The label relaxation method for edge detection is described in the paper.
13. The dynamic relaxation method enables to search the static equilibrium state by simple iterations .
14. The Dynamics Relaxation method is adopted to find the equilibrium configuration corresponding to each discrete control parameter point, so that the erection process can be simulated.
15. Typically, self-hypnosis training, as well as relaxation and meditation audio tapes, use the progressive relaxation method.
16. Example results show that the methods presented in this paper is accurate and effective. The improved dynamic relaxation method is better than that using ANSYS at accuracy and stability.
17. Background structure for CME propagation is obtained by the time relaxation method, which guarantees it stable and self-consistent.
17. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
18. During form-finding of catenoid, when the viscosity coefficient was not more than0.7, the dynamic relaxation method taking damp into account had good convergence and the nodes distributed more even.
19. Initial equilibrium shape and static behavior of pretensioned membrane structures is analyzed by dynamic relaxation method in this paper.
20. The pressure distribution along the curved wall of an axially symmetric inlet so obtained was calculated by the relaxation method, and that of another was measured from an air-flow model test.
21. Generally, three methods are used in form finding nowadays: the force density method, dynamic relaxation method and nonlinear finite element method.
22. By utilizing the linear underestimation of objective and constraint functions, a linear relaxation method is proposed for finding global solution of SGP.
23. When treating the finite element models of the composite structure, this paper presents a "virtual beam" element mode relaxation method for the accordance of different elements.
24. The algorithm makes use of the characteristic of Lagrange relaxation method, and finds multicast tree satisfying constraint by constructing closure graph and making relaxation to this graph.
25. We will introduce nonlinear initial method, stress density method and dynamic relaxation method which are the most popular methods in our country.
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