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Redly in a sentence

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Sentence count:15Posted:2019-08-13Updated:2019-08-13
Similar words: tiredlysacredlyassuredlygood-naturedlydazedlyforcedlyfixedlyamusedlyMeaning: ['redlɪ] adv. displaying a red color. 
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1. The table was enormous and gleamed redly in the candlelight.
2. The fire glowed redly.
3. The base is a wood, painted to deep redly living a paint, lotus petal is make into with the Xiao yarn, still just the top inset a few very small azure stones.
4. Ellen's innocence like petals blowing on grass, dancing redly away. Crowns of thorns for Ellen's virgin bridehood.
5. The forge belched redly at the sky.
6. It glowed redly in the gloom, just for a moment, and then faded.
7. In line lubricious respect, coffee and India match redly , can match a honest and enthusiastic India style, stylist is recommended to the utmost.
8. Candles flickered redly before the saints, the Christ on his cross.
9. Sonny Corleone's heavy Cupid face, redly obscene with winey lust, frightened her, but she had teased him for the past week to just this end.
10. In line lubricious respect, coffee and India match redly , can match a honest and enthusiastic countryside style, stylist is recommended to the utmost.
11. A full moon was beginning to rise and peered redly through the upper edges of fog.
12. Grasp customer mentality , broadcast first loudly lately very redly on selling field or come attract preparing the gramophone record selling the star who works together, stream of people.
13. I nod mole to have half month, had been cangue dropped red now redly hole does?
13. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
14. It was about 4:30 PM by the cheap digital alarm clock that glowed redly in Ian's darkened bedroom.
15. That this oversees , that inside checks except resembling chemical examination Sudan redly an ability, is that society outside inspection is greatly close more mainly.
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