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Pyridine in a sentence

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Sentence count:73Posted:2019-07-06Updated:2019-07-06
Similar words: pyrimidinepyridoxinejoyridingacridinemeperidineridinghesperidinoverridingMeaning: n. a toxic colorless flammable liquid organic base with a disagreeable odor; usually derived from coal. 
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1) With pyridine as catalyst, the yield was raised from 61.6%(under traditional calefaction) to 81.6%(under microwave irradiation), and the reaction time was decreased to 1/100 times.
2) The effects of solvent of Grignard reagent, pyridine hydrochloride and boron tribromide on yield of product were investigated.
3) Objective The bioactivity of twelve novel pyridine ring derivatives of podophyllotoxin were tested against 3rd instar larvae of Culex pipiens pallens.
4) The reaction of molar ratio of pentamer to pyridine and products structure is studied.
5) Recovering pyridine by simple distillation and phase separation with salt was studied.
6) The determination of pyridine adsorption of samples revealed that materials have a typic characterization of proton acid, and the proton acid centers increased with the increase of S content.
7) Pyridine and pyridine production base is also a feed additive main raw material for nicotinic acid.
8) A liquid crystal with pyridine group was synthesized from reactants of pyrogallic acid and isonicotinato by esterification reaction.
9) The pyridine was chemisorbed at both Lewis and Bronsted sites on the glass surface.
10) Place 100 mL of pyridine in a 250-mL graduated cylinder , and, keeping the pyridine cold in an ice bath, pass in dry sulfur dioxide until the volume reaches 200 mL.
11) A semi - empirical LCAO - MO - AM 1 calculation is performed for some substituted pyridine N - oxide.
12) Hyperbranched aromatic polyamides were prepared by direct polycondensations of the two monomers in the presence of triphenyl phosphite and pyridine as condensation agents in NMP.
13) The crude products were purified by neutral alumina column Chromatography with dichloromethane containing pyridine as eluent.
14) Hind of profess to convinced is easy decompose inside bowel reach 5- amino salicylic acid for sulphanilamide pyridine, to colonic wall the organization has affinity,[] have antiphlogistic effect.
15) In this paper the chemical reaction of poly (vinyl pyridine) was studied and the polyelectrolytes CAPVP containing zwitterion structure units were synthesized.
16) The deficiencies of 2-pyridyl organometallics as partners for Pd-coupling reactions and the circumvention of this problem by using stable pyridine N -oxides have been previously highlighted.
17) Synthesis and character of a liquid crystal with groups of pyridine were studied using 3,5- dihydroxytoluene and isonicotinato through esterification reaction.
18) Detailed research contents are as follows:(1) Succeed in selectivity electrochemical fluorinating pyridine, imidazole and 1,2,4-triazole.
19) This paper studied the catalytic N - alkylation of acetanilide with polyvinyl chloride - pyridine resin.
20) In this dissertation, Ir-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation of quinoline derivatives, pyridine derivatives and exocyclic enamines have been studied.
21) Our factory specializes in production and operation of organic chemical solvents: tetrahydrofuran. Pyridine. Chloride stupid. DMF.
22) These results indicated that a suitable substituent at the 2-position of pyridine ring and a well-fit group at the 3-position of acrylate were both essential for hi.
23) Aldehyde - ammonia condensation reaction is one of the typical routes to manufacture alkyl pyridine.
24) Employing dealkylation of cumene as the controlling reaction, the authors investigated the poisoning action of pyridine on a silica-alumina catalyst.
25) The process of 2 - chloropyridine chlorination synthesis by pyridine and application were introduced.
26) The typical K - F reagent has disadvantage of high poisonousness and pyridine malodor.
27) Dibenzyl phosphite was synthesized by benzyl alcohol and trichlorophosphorous in the presence of pyridine.
28) A rapid micromethod for the determination of nitrogen in organic compounds, such as pyridine, pyrimidine, purine, thiazole, alkaloids and amino acids, is described.
29) The hemisuccination process and reaction kinetics of stigmasterol with succinic anhydride using toluene as a solvent, pyridine as a catalyst were studied.
30) An intermediate of bone resorption inhibitor risedronate sodium, 3 pyridine acetic acid hydrochloride, was synthesized from ethyl nicotinate via reduction, chlorination, cyanation and hydrolysis.
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