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Plane wave in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2020-11-10Updated:2020-11-10
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1, This has plane wave solutions which are transverse waves travelling with velocity c, properties that electromagnetic waves also possess.
2, Keywords: acoustics, muffler , transfer matrix, plane wave.
3, Since a normal incidence plane wave is used as the reference wave, the difficulty and complexity of phase aberration and phase unwrapping of DHM are remarkably decreased.
4, The influences of bandwidth on the unfavorable plane wave mode are analyzed.
5, The synthetic source is the generalization of plane wave source, controlled illumination source, piecewise plane wave source and areal sources with phase encoding etc.
6, Using the plane wave expansion, the electronic structures of Tshaped quantum wires are studied under the periodic boundary condition.
7, Derection and power spectrum of an incident plane wave are estimated by evaluating amplitude and rate of phase change of the corresponding sinusoidal wave.
8, A simple plane wave lens, using lead wave shaper and nitromethane donor explosive, has been designed.
9, With plane wave method, it is proved that the 1 D - USPC shares the same bandgap character.
10, The paper presented an approach of plane wave decomposition-based wave-equation prestack time migration suitable for the medium of lateralweak velocity variation.
11, Under the condition of plane wave incidence and two-dimensional particle vibration, AAEF describes both phase interference and vector addition of a sound field by only using its phase.
12, All three types of singularity are found in colliding plane wave solutions.
13, Most of these methods can be applied also to the colliding plane wave situation.
14, Twistor techniques may also be developed to generate colliding plane wave solutions.
15, General SH waves with arbitrary waveforms can be modelled by stacking of all the fundamental harmonic plane wave solutions obtained using the approach.
16, The relative band gap for a rhombus lattice photonic crystal is studied by plane wave expansion method and high frequency structure simulator (HFSS) simulation.
17, The scattering form functions of the single shell and double concentric shells insonified by a normally and obliquely incident plane wave are calculated.
18, Final,[ wave.html] Application examples using the model above to analyze the heating of Gel material in microwave oven and uniform plane wave normally incident on air-medium interface were showed.
19, Owing to the presence of interface of dielectric and air, it is required to impose three waves, including incident plane wave, reflected and transmitted waves at the total-scattered field boundary.
20, The plane of periodically arranged dielectric spheres beneath the metal slab can lead the surface field out of the metal, and form a transmission plane wave.
21, The equivalence principle and moment method are used to derive the expression of equivalent magnetic current in the main cavity excited by the plane wave in the half-space.
22, The article calculates the perfectly conducting thin cylinder RCS in incidence of TM plane wave by using the two different basis MOM.
23, Two kinds of models are considered, spherical wave and plane wave, and the diameter of the receiving aperture is supposed as the first Fresnel zone length.
24, Good results show that the genetic algorithm is an effective method to solve plane wave synthesis problem.
25, For scattering of a bounded acoustic beam from a liquid-solid interface(, the principal difficulty comes from the treatment of tie plane wave reflection coefficient.
26, The tunability of directional band gap in a two-dimensional photonic crystal of air holes in a semiconductor matrix is demonstrated numerically, using the plane wave expansion calculation.
27, Such a modelling for one-dimension anisotropic medium is corresponding to the propagation of the plane wave in the horizontally layered medium with a vertical incidence.
28, The band gap structure of 3D photonic crystal was analyzed by plane wave expansion method and applied to optical communication system.
29, Upbuild the signal model for ship noise, deduce the relationship between sound pressure and particle velocity in plane wave.
30, Acoustic scattering from submerged double infinite concentric cylindrical shell insonified by incident plane wave is studied.
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