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No-load in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2019-10-09Updated:2019-10-09
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1. I faxed each of them the list of no-load stocks and asked for their picks.
2. The no-load test and short-circuit test can mensurate parameters of asynchronous motor, but cant separate stator reactance from rotor reactance.
3. No-load current from magnetizing current (flux generated) and the iron loss currents (caused by iron core loss) component.
4. Power unit for a load disturbance and no-load disturbance simulation shows the correctness of the model.
5. Important function is played by identification of engine no-load mode in simulation of power transmission system, starting and automatic shifting control of motor vehicle.
6. Check the pressure when engine does no-load running.
7. The low power consumption during no-load condition is obtained by using the burst-mode control and an improved starting circuit.
8. no-load speed is one of important parameters in ultrasonic motors design.
9. The variation of no-load deceleration process curve of the diesel engine is affected by the lubricating-oil temperature.
10. This follows our earlier assumption that the no-load current is assumed negligible in our calculations.
11. No-load loss, with the traditional machine than can be saving 50%.
12. Through analysis of high-speed electric spindle run-time no-load test curve, it comes to test electric spindle the stability time and vibration performance.
13. The first harmonic winding and harmonic winding no-load property curve are gained when field current is change.
14. They resented standing in line while tellers explained money-market accounts and no-load funds to prospective investors.
15. The technology, characteristic and patten of the step laminated core are introduced. The no-load loss of the transformer with step-lap laminated core is compared to that with sandwich core.
16. This paper mainly discusses the two operating points for the test of synchronous machines, no-load point and zero power loading point.
17. Frequency Regulation Frequency regulation is a measure that states the difference between no-load and full-load frequency as a percentage of full-load frequency.
18. And adopting the optimization design, high conductivity, the electromagnetic material production equipment in no-load loss low power output, more powerful, and stability,[Sentencedict] long service life.
19. The average of the line currents at rated voltage is the no-load current.
20. Frequency regulation is a measure that states the difference between no-load and full-load frequency as a percentage of full -load frequency.
21. Currently most factory outside play sand automatic water kit is included as standard room even in no case through, head to work more than throw motor frequency no-load running.
22. Two practical methods are introduced to renovate the power transformer with no-load tap changer into that with on-load one.
23. Reduction of energy losses in hydraulic circulation of a hydraulic machine when its running idle can be brorght about by lowering the no-load circulatory flow rate.
24. Its main transformer is made of imported cold rolled silicon steel, So its power loss is little with low no-load current.
25. Transformer secondary open-circuit , the primary is still a certain degree of current, this part of the current known as the no-load current.
26. After use for a long period, the push rod can push and pull with no-load, cannot push and pull with load, replace the sealing piece used for the upper hole of piston in the oil cylinder.
27. Through analyzing the asymmetry about the power among three phase of the no-load experiments of the triphase asynchronous motor is designed.
28. It is difficult to have good performances for chain boiler combustion control system due to much no-load time and variation of coals quality and steam load.
29. Power transformer will be of oil immersed, natural-air cooled type (ONAN) with no-load voltage tap changers. Transformer winding connection will be per DYN11.
30. This paper introduced the construction and working principle of Single-cylinder Electric Power Confined Piston Engine, and studied the No-load characteristic on theory and experiment.
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