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Motoneuron in a sentence

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Sentence count:17Posted:2022-07-28Updated:2022-07-28
Similar words: motor neuronneuromotorneuronneuroneneurotomyneuronalneurotoxicneurotoxinMeaning: n. a neuron conducting impulses outwards from the brain or spinal cord. 
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1. In the spinal cord controls breathes the myo- motoneuron 3 -5 (control to separate) and the chest section located at the neck (control intercostal muscle and musculi abdominis) the front rake.
2. Results A typical pattern of morphological changes of motoneuron apoptosis in the anterior horn of spinal cord was observed by both TUNEL staining and electron microscopy.
3. Motor units comprise a motoneuron and the muscle fibers it innervates.
4. Results: T-588 administration successfully prevented motoneuron loss and ameliorated the choline acetyltransferase immunoreactivity in the ipsilateral nucleus ambiguus after vagal nerve avulsion.
5. In the spinal column motoneuron denaturates in the mouse model,(Sentence dictionary) this can improve its mobility.
6. Conclusions: The limb bud extract showed marked motoneuron neurotrophic activities compared with the two controls.
7. Objective To extract the neurotrophic factors with motoneuron neurotrophic activity from the brains of embryo.
8. Conclusion:NGF is contributed to the regeneration of peripheral nerve, the marked motoneuron in spinal cord anterior horn increase siginificantly.
9. At present, significant evidence has suggested that autoimmune mechanism may involve in the process of motoneuron injury in ALS.
10. Conclusion The result indicated that the brain extract of the second months embryo and 4-5 months foetus all showed remarkable motoneuron neurotrophic activities compared with two controls.
11. Objective To observe the changes of calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP) in rat spinal motoneuron after upper motoneuron injury. Methods Thirty six adult male Wistar rats were selected.
12. F waves result from the back fire of the motoneuron activation, which may indirectly reflect the functional state of the motoneurons.
13. Conclusions: Delayed reimplantation of avulsion ventral root can enhance motoneuron survival and regeneration.
14. Conclusion The inhibitory effect of intrathecal galanin on flexor contractions is probably due to reduction in the excitability of motoneuron and might prevent muscles from over- movement .
15. Objective To study the effect of testosterone propionate(TP)on the distribution pattern of calcitonin gene-related peptide(CGRP)in two types of motoneuron(Mn)pools in rats.
16. The mad dog virus through nips the sensory nerve which the sores nerve myo- union place motoneuron or the nerve tie to enter the Nervous tissue.
17. Additionally, signal molecules in these pathways can interact with each other and then influence lesion motoneuron survival and regeneration together.
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