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Memory allocation in a sentence

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1 Provides memory allocation options for memory - mapped files.
2 Segment 2 is for stack and dynamic memory allocation.
3 Moreover dynamic memory allocation is under the control of the programmer, which inevitably means that memory deallocation is the burden of the programmer.
4 C language, simulation of dynamic memory allocation and recovery, is for reference only.
5 You must manage your pointers, your memory allocation, and your.
6 Captured information from the HMC, such as LPAR profile information (CPU/Memory allocation), managed system properties, Physical I/O adapter assignment, Virtual adapter definitions.
7 The so-called "best" means the operation of each memory allocation, always meet requirements, and also the smallest area allocated to idle operations, to avoid "a waste of talent.
8 Another approach, called buddy memory allocation, is a faster memory technique that divides memory into power-of-2 partitions and attempts to allocate memory requests using a best-fit approach.
9 Examples of most common memory allocation problems are provided for each of the following supported platforms: AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and Windows.
10 You must manage your pointers, your memory allocation, and your memory deallocation .
11 Note that memory allocation methods often do not initialize the allocated memory to a particular value.
12 Based on the analysis of memory leak, the method overloads the allocation function and overrides the free function to store the allocation spot and trace the dynamic memory allocation.
13 When you're programming an application for a PC, using dynamic memory allocation makes sense.
14 Experimental results show that this method can improve the memory allocation speed and memory utilization.
15 A careful treatment of sparse matrices results in significant savings of computational effort and memory allocation.
16 Memory are not always at any instant, inexhaustible,[] and sometimes also the failure of memory allocation.
17 After that, this paper carries out structural optimization, algorithm optimization, compilation optimization and memory allocation optimization on the H. 264 encoder.
18 Aside from CPU statistics, the tool can also provide data relating to memory allocation and LPAR configuration and state change history.
19 You can now configure a private memory cache for every CPUVP to decrease the time of server memory allocation on large multiprocessor computers.
20 This program demonstrate how to create Pascals Triangle using dynamic memory allocation.
21 Finally, and very importantly, Java's automatic garbage collection prevents memory leaks and other pernicious bugs related to memory allocation and deallocation.
22 The PercentAvailSysResources setting in the Domino server's Notes.ini file lets you control memory allocation on your server.
23 As for the difficulty of unsufficient internal memory capacity, it can be overcome by means of the dynamic memory allocation technique.
24 Some new features were also added to the debugging facility, to help in your ability to repair memory allocation problems.
25 As the standard programming language on Linux systems, the C language gives you a great deal of control over dynamic memory allocation.
26 The allocator class , which provides type - aware memory allocation.
27 The access formula is suitable for loop program construction realization, the reasonable memory allocation method and delicate access subroutines are discussed specifically.
28 By use of concepts of pointer and derived type in FORTRAN90, a linked list which carried out a dynamic memory allocation for global stiffness matrix and enforced its flexibility is made.
29 This mechanism realizes persistent memory management and integrates with the rollback framework to support rollbackable dynamic memory allocation and deallocation.
30 A configuration item may be an environment variable or a change in the database configuration, such as its memory allocation.
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