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Melting point in a sentence

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Similar words: selling pointdisappointingprinting pressping-pongpoint the finger atpointpointypointsMeaning: n. the temperature below which a liquid turns into a solid. 
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1. When the temperature reaches melting point, the metal runs off as a liquid and flows into special modules.
2. What is the melting point of melamine?
3. The melting point of iron was exorbitantly hot.
4. It shows that as pressure increases the melting point decreases slightly.
5. The high melting point of carbon may also be significant.
6. The melting point increases with depth in the Earth because of the increasing pressure.
7. This shows the effect of pressure on the melting point of ice.
8. The main difference between the two is the melting point of the solder.
9. The melting point of ice is 0.
10. In contrast, iron has a much higher melting point.
11. Low melting point with good flowing property.
12. The thermal properties include freezing point, melting point, the heat of fusion and thermal stability during the phase change process are investigated.
13. Due to its high melting point and low sputtering rate, the tungsten is considered as a highly promising candidate of plasma facing material (PFM) in nuclear fusion systems.
14. All high melting point phases vanish. The solid solubility increases greatly.
15. However, it also had drawbacks such as higher melting point, poor solubilities, difficulty processing, weaker adhesion, higher hygroscopy, higher water absorption and higher cost etc.
16. The melting point is a mains quality index of heat melts adhesives. And the bonding properties are influenced by the melting point and melting range.
17. The melting point of the blend decreased and crystallin temperature rose with the increase of the TPU content in the blend.
18. Some optimum processing parameters about manufacturing the low melting point polyester also be obtained.
19. But it has low melting point and sintering point, when it is used to extinguish a fire, it can rapidly decompose to form a layer of film(, which can cover the surface of comburent and make the fire .
20. The unknown compound is matched with a known compound with the same melting point.
21. By mixing metals it is possible to make alloys which are tougher and have a lower melting point than the individual metals.
22. Nonnatural amino acid 3 (4 thiazolyl) D, L alanine hydrochloride and its four intermediates were synthesized, their structures were detenmined by IR, NMR, elementary analysis and melting point.
23. Structure of the product is proved right through the measure of melting point, the element analysis and the infrared spectrum analysis.
24. The uniformity of thin melt-blown webs which is produced of low melting point copolyamide by melt blowing line with accessory device was tested by weight method.
25. It was proved that four types of lipase reacting with palm stearin was not significantly lower the melting point of palm stearin in the initial biological enzymatic method.
26. A method has been developed to measure the carbon distribution and content of microcrystal wax with high drop melting point.
27. The metal osmium is very stable in the air, the melting point is 2700 degrees Celsius, it does not dissolve in the ordinary acid[], will not be corroded in the aqua regia.
28. So platina is like a diminutive of silver, but we now know that platinum is far superior to silver It is far more noble. It has a higher melting point, a higher chemical inertness, a fantastic metal.
29. The effect of plasticizer , relative molecular mass of copolymer and amount of comonomer on melting point of polymer was studied.
30. In this article, the author expounds the influence of molecular force on such physical property as melting point, boiling point and the solubility from the theory and by setting many real examples.
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