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Magnetic pole in a sentence

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Sentence count:26+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-29Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: magneticdiamagneticparamagneticferromagneticmagnetic fieldmagnetic domainelectromagneticelectromagnetic waveMeaning: n. 1. either of two points where the lines of force of the Earth's magnetic field are vertical 2. one of the two ends of a magnet where the magnetism seems to be concentrated. 
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1. The north magnetic pole lies to the west of the geographic North Pole.
2. North magnetic poles repel .
3. A single, isolated magnetic pole has never been found.
4. The South Magnetic Pole is where geomagnetic field lines follow an upward direction.
5. A design of differential stress sensor with six magnetic pole based on counter magnetostriction effect of ferromagnetic materials is given, and the torsion test and uni-tension stress test are made.
6. Single rotor use single bearing bracing, magnetic pole is the integrated structure, collector ring is brass ring.
7. The disposal of magnetic pole In order to decrease magnetic hysteresis loss , Magnetic poles are put along the axes of rotor and magnetic flux parallel the axes of rotor.
8. If the Earth's magnetic pole reversal caused by biological extinction, it is not difficult to explain why from time to time, so that the periodic destruction of the Earth civilization.
9. The direction of the earth's magnetic pole, to which the north-seeking pole of a magnetic needle points when free from local magnetic influence.
10. There is a force field around the arbitrary magnetic pole.
11. The design of differential stress sensor with five magnetic pole based on counter magnetostriction effect of ferromagnetic materials is given.
12. Height proportion of alnico and magnetic pole in magnetic circuit is optimized with optimizing function of ANSYS s...
13. The North Magnetic Pole is moving slowly northwest across the northern stretches of Canada.
14. But scientists are now noticing that the magnetic pole has picked up its pace.
15. If the north magnetic pole continues at its current rate, it could reach Siberia by 2056.
16. For the past eleven years, the Sun's north geographic pole has also been home to its north magnetic pole.
17. But a feature of each solar cycle is that the magnetic poles pole.html
18. For R N transitions they should have plotted the north magnetic pole.
19. An appropriate balancing current and a set of independent magnetic pole current can reduce magnetic coupling.
20. Other industrial countries are also vulnerable, but North America faces greater danger because of its proximity to the north magnetic pole.
21. The effects of structure, gap magnetic field, rotor thickness, magnetic pole numbers of rotor and winding layers of stator of the micromotor on it's output torque are discussed in detail.
22. There are many factors affecting the sealing capability, for example, the characteristics of nano-ferrofluid, the structure of magnetic pole, the process of load function, etc.
23. There exist large quantities of engineering obstacles such as magnetic pole in some shallow water areas.
24. Magnetic saturation effect on the saliency is used to distinguish the north magnetic pole from the south.
25. It is realized by adding a high frequency current to the original current of the stator and adding linear generator windings to magnetic pole.
26. This article introduces the material composition and manufacturing technology of integrally framed P/M magnetic pole used in auto starting motor and its performance obtained in laboratory.
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