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Leucorrhea in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2021-02-19Updated:2021-02-19
Similar words: leukorrheagonorrheamenorrheaotorrheaamenorrhearhinorrheaseborrheahemorrheaMeaning: n. discharge of white mucous material from the vagina; often an indication of infection. 
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1. Shoddy school sample leucorrhea: for mould sex vaginitis peculiar.
2. Root: for Chyluria , leucorrhea, rheumatoid arthritis.
3. Oviposit period of leucorrhea transparent, quantity, and other time is limited in quantity, sticky.
4. Leucorrhea stop, abdominal pain, fall is a sign of pregnancy Mody?
5. Different types of vaginitis leucorrhea different traits can be used as the basis for identification.
6. Leucorrhea sends out the different yellow story and has the turbid thing of white outflow!
7. Oh, there will be feeling ovulation period, and leucorrhea will more than usual.
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8. Pain for the lumbosacral acid trapped pain, pain, leucorrhea with alvine pendant increase.
9. Normal leucorrhea is white, sometimes transparent, sometimes sticky, no peculiar smell.
10. Artificial abortion, medical abortion, genital itching, Leucorrhea increased, cervical erosion, and other gynecological diseases.
11. The chlamydia causes the cervicitis leucorrhea, the coherency is low, and the white size cervix of the uterus secretion increases.
12. Some benign lesions also can appear the leucorrhea, such as cervical ectropio, senile vaginitis, etc.
13. The healthy woman leucorrhea increases with in vivo estrogen level markup is proportional.
14. The leucorrhea transparent, quantity oviposit period, and other time is quantity is little, sticky.
15. Second, the vagina infusorium infection causes the leucorrhea to be excessively many.
16. One, the quality of life for the emergence of leucorrhea anomalies, couples living quality will also affect greatly, thereby affecting the marital feelings, influence family harmony.
17. Uterine accumulate pus, cervical, vaginal or vagina eyewinker residue can also lead to pus sample leucorrhea.
18. About 50% of patients will have not serious symptoms of leucorrhea including a great amount of water like or purulence, without any white sheet-shape objects, but only wetness in vulvae .
19. Pain relief acid bottom of the lumbar pain, pain associated with microgastropods falling, Leucorrhea increase.
20. Gynecology Dysmenorrhea , menstrual pain, recurrent miscarriage, menopausal disorders, red leucorrhea, metroptosis .
21. How then the judgment is any gynecology department disease causes from the leucorrhea character!
22. Appear above these are increasing, belongs to the normal physiological limits, need not be afraid. However, when the number of leucorrhea, color, smell etc changes, adumbrative disease.
23. Appeared above these are increasing, belongs to the normal range physiological, do not worry about fear. However, when the number of leucorrhea, color, smell etc changes, adumbrative disease.
24. Check you then vaginal mucosa hyperemia, serious have scattered in bleeding after vault spots, how quantity leucorrhea, a gray, mucomembranous thin liquid or yellow-green purulent, often show bubbles.
25. Vulvae, vaginal itching, flush with bean curd, vulvae sample, have peculiar smell, leucorrhea after scratching can cause genital dermatitis eczematous change.
26. I remember you said in the previous issue of leucorrhea bloodshot, then does not feel that you have come to menstruation.
27. Pain relief acid at the bottom of the lumbar pain, pain associated with microgastropods falling, Leucorrhea increase.
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