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Learnability in a sentence

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1. That's it. High learnability, with this few concepts.
2. Learnability: How easy is it for users to accomplish basic tasks the first time they encounter the design?
3. Obstruction mechanics seriously decrease learnability and efficiency, butif is done in the name of aesthetic such a tradeoff may be worthwhile.
4. Game mechanics inherently have built ininefficiency and learnability challenges as the fun lies in overcoming theseobstacles.
5. Even within fighting games there is a hidden learnability method -- namely,[sentencedict .com] feedback.
6. Street Fighter II has learnability at the core of its game mechanic, as players must learn complicated input sequences for attacks.
7. Learnability also dictates that controller mappings should be consistent; if the X button is used for "yes" in one area of a game, it should always be used for confirmation throughout.
8. Learnability -- How easy is it to learn how to use the system?
9. In contrast to learnability, efficiency mainly concerns expert users whowant to accomplish tasks quickly.
10. Learnability score reflects the users perception on how easy it is to learn and start using the software with the help of manuals and tutorial materials.
11. It is also helpful to have concrete methods for analyzing usability, and in this article I'll define and focus four dimensions of usability: Learnability, Simplicity, Efficiency, and Aesthetic [1].
12. Usability has multiple components and is traditionally associated with these five usability attributes: learnability, efficiency, memorability, errors,[] satisfaction.
13. Finally, although a metaphor offers a small boost in learnability to first-time users, it exacts a tremendous cost after they become intermediates.
14. The solution increases satisfaction and performance times but decreases memorability and learnability.
15. Obvious, immediate, and repeatable feedback between input and output are critical for learnability, and thus trial and error in a fighting game will likely teach the user much about the mechanic.
16. The definition of usability states that usability is a combination of five quality attributes, including learnability and efficiency of use.
17. If the game will cater more towards expert users, it may be worthwhile tosacrifice some simplicity and learnability in favor of more efficient controls.
18. Developer Glinert looks at the four main elements -- learnability, simplicity, efficiency, and aesthetic -- that help game usability to flourish.
19. It gives an overall score and sub - scores on efficiency, affect, helpfulness, control and learnability.
20. At the same time the game controls have serious learnability issues, andthis is reflected by the fact that a large segment of the single playercampaign is effectively an extended tutorial.
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