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Iterative method in a sentence

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Sentence count:59Posted:2022-06-15Updated:2022-06-15
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1 Numerical examples show that the iterative method is efficient.
2 SLOR and pseudo-time iterative method are employed for solving finite element equation.
3 An iterative method equivalent to mixed formulation is presented in this paper.
4 The alternating group iterative method for the dispersive equation with periodic boundary condition is presented.
5 For the temporal-spatial stability problem,( a new iterative method for solving the saddle point of the complex frequency is then proposed.
6 By this iterative method, the solvability of the equations can be determined automatically, and its reflexive matrix solution or least-norm reflexive matrix solution can be got within finite steps.
7 An iterative method is designed to advance the Ishikawa iteration and solve perturbed equations of accretive operators.
8 A linear iterative method for projective reconstruction based on 1 D subspace is presented in the paper.
9 In this paper, the iterative method is used to establish and calculate the 2PN equations of light ray.
10 In chapter 4, we discuss the iterative method of a kind of two dimensional inverse heat conduction problems which do not convect with outer space. We show that these problems are severely ill-posed.
11 Then, two - stage multi - splitting iterative method is used for the decomposition and coordination calculation of different sub - systems.
12 The iterative method is simpler than the asymptotic expansion method of calculation.
13 This iterative method can not only determine Potier reactance Xp accurately, but use to analyse the excitation current, load angle and armature reaction.
14 By the iterative method, the influence of cylinder vibration on piston skirt lubrication is investigated.
15 This topic uses analytical iterative method for construction calculation, mainly construction calculation of main cable.
16 In this paper, an iterative method is presented to find the least squares centrosymmetric solution to a kind of matrix equations.
17 This paper also presents an iterative method to find the initial gap between meshing local conjugate teeth.
18 Moreover the vibration frequencies of the plate are computed using iterative method, which begins with the in vacuo eigenfrequency and continues until in-water eigenfrequency con-verges.
19 Morbid Linear Equations calculation problems involving Gauss elimination method, Jacobi' s iterative method, Gauss- Seidel iterative method, steepest descent method and conjugate gradient method.
20 A upper bound with consistent matrix norm and the estimate for error of AOR iterative method for solving linear equation system , which based on the doubly diagonal dominance, are presented.
21 This paper provides a new method for coordinate transformation between these two types and based on Newton's iterative method, which is derived from map projection principle.
22 DOC - Solving frictional contact problems with the proposed iterative method of Gauss.
23 Algorithms are classified three species: dynamic programming method progressive method and iterative method.
24 Then the direct centrosymmetric solutions were obtained by applying the iterative method in finite steps an arbitrary initializing centrosymmetric matrix.
25 An expanding number of binary division bits algorithm is presented based on divide-and-conquer strategy and N -predictor-corrector iterative method.
26 With the use of a robust error mapping function, an affine model-based target tracking algorithm is formulated, in which a quasi-Newton's iterative method is implemented in the optimization progress.
27 It is well known that, for nonsingular systems where $A$ is invertible, the iterative method converges if and only if the spectral radius of the iteration matrix is strictly less than 1.
28 In this paper first of all it is proved that the mathematical nature of the ordinary moment distribution method is the Seidel iterative method.
29 The current widely used methods of seismic response analysis for soil layers in engineering are equivalent linearization frequency domain method which is based on FFT and iterative method.
30 Substantially, this method is a smoothing process resulted from the mathematical skills of weighted least square fitting, combining with the iterative method for correct indexing.
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