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Inorganic in a sentence

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Similar words: organicorganic evolutionorganistorganiseorganizeorganismorganizerorganisedMeaning: [‚ɪnɔr'gænɪk /‚ɪnɔː'g-]  adj. 1. relating or belonging to the class of compounds not having a carbon basis 2. lacking the properties characteristic of living organisms. 
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1. Salt is an inorganic chemical.
2. The fundamentals of inorganic chemistry are very important.
3. The meteorites contained only inorganic material.
4. Rocks and minerals are inorganic.
5. Inorganic salts such as sodium chloride, potassium chloride and potassium iodide form eutectic mixtures with water.
6. D., you may be in that inorganic incubator until you are forty-five.
7. Inorganic iodide is then converted to an active form, organic iodine.
8. There he worked on the unfashionable inorganic chemistry; his science was always to be on the boundary of physics and chemistry.
9. In general[], with the exception of the inorganic soils one or other solvent will affect any soil found in food industries.
10. Inorganic chemistry in particular provided the bulk of new pigments based on chromium, cadmium, cobalt, zinc, copper and arsenic.
11. Bones and teeth are made from quite simple inorganic compounds which in their normal crystalline and glassy forms are very brittle.
12. Glass could be impregnated with inorganic pesticides, then ploughed into the land.
13. Practically any archaeological in exceptional circumstances. inorganic materials survive far ones.
14. Another grouping can be between organic and inorganic soils which relates to alkali soluble and acid soluble soils.
15. Although we restrict the name mineral to inorganic substances, there are many naturally occurring organic components of rocks.
16. Some inorganic compounds with covalent characteristics also have chain structures.
17. Their study is at the interface of inorganic chemistry and geochemistry.
18. As the name implies, the initial intention was more general than the agenda item and inorganic chemical nomenclature was included.
19. The presentation of the first patient with a subacute sensorimotor peripheral neuropathy is typical of intoxication with inorganic arsenic.
20. This organic staining method was chosen to minimize the risk of contamination by inorganic elements.
21. The waste is being processed in a new government-owned plant which can treat a wide range of organic and inorganic materials.
22. They are producers, the only organisms able to develop organic substances from inorganic mineral elements and their compounds.
23. A mineral is defined as any one of a number naturally occurring solid inorganic substances with a characteristic regularly ordered crystalline form.
24. Moreover, this human engine became the prototype for later machines, even though they would be constructed of largely inorganic materials.
25. Organic chemistry is the chemistry of one particular element, carbon. Inorganic chemistry is all the rest.
26. Cairns-Smith believes that the original life on this planet was based on self-replicating inorganic crystals such as silicates.
27. Louise and Amelia were also both enrolled in an inorganic chemistry course at Columbia and an organic chemistry course at Barnard.
28. The naming or nomenclature of chemical substances falls broadly into two categories: inorganic nomenclature and organic nomenclature.
29. Again Chapters 1 and 2 would be ideal grounding for any project student attempting inorganic analysis especially at the trace level.
30. Thus completely new - or Phoenix - schedules were included for Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.
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