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Indirectness in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2018-10-10Updated:2018-10-10
Similar words: directnessindirect businesscorrectnessindistinctnessindirectincorrectnessindirect objectindirectlyMeaning: [‚ɪndɪrektnɪs ,-daɪ-]  n. having the characteristic of lacking a true course toward a goal. 
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1. Indirectness is one universal of languages.
2. They are more elaborate because people practice indirectness.
3. The socio-psychological analysis of language indirectness is significant to develop indirect speech act theory and understand and use indirect language.
4. There are certain circumstances which call for indirectness -such as a controller's wishing to alert a division manager to a problem without undercutting him or jeopardizing their future relationship.
5. The text introduction analyses rainfall resource directness and indirectness transforming for industrialization, in a word,( China's rainfall resource industrialization is primary phase at present.
6. Specifically, members of collectivistic cultures expect greater verbal indirectness, politeness, and non-immediacy than members of individualistic cultures.
7. The relationship between politeness and indirectness can be explained by dividing politeness into linguistic politeness and utterance politeness and introducing pragmatic distance.
8. The strategies used for indirectness recognition are generalized in terms of false expressing, uninformative expressing, expressing in unusual manner, and setting language activity.
9. Because its characteristics of covertness, naturalness, indirectness, it can reach a kind of imperceptible result in practice.
10. Mold - printing portrait bricks is a recreature of art, reveals indirectness of art - designing.
11. Man's labor and technical Practice as well as his control over nature possess some characteristics of localization, indirectness, simplicity and conditionality.
12. Royal diplomacy in parliamentary monarchy countries, with the characteristics of indirectness, subordinacy, symbolism and dependence, plays a supporting role in their external relations.
13. This paper analyzes the relationship between gender difference and conversation strategy in general, and indirectness, interruption and coherence and cohesion in particular.
14. The criterion of productive forces embodies qualities both of absoluteness , essentiality, directness and of relativity, concreteness, indirectness.
15. Under the guidance of this principle, their strategy to Chinese shows a feature of changing from indirectness to directness, and from part to whole.
16. Under the system of institutional government, a political party's obtaining and holding the state power has the feature of legality, indirectness and temporariness .
17. If you're looking for an explanation of Spoon's huge critical success, though, it's worth pointing out that indirectness is always likely to appear a smarter and more artistic option.
18. There are more layers to it because people practice indirectness and avoidance.
19. Thisness in philosophy has the both forms of directness and indirectness.
20. It can be said, the Game and Animation is a sum of kinds of aesthetic elements, is a collection of symbols, they have a deeper indirectness and wider significance.
21. Bluntness of speech is a trademark of Sagittarius, where these people get impatient with indirectness . They like to outspoken and always will make others annoy and angry easily.
22. Asserting to fault of facilitator of the network, the author inclines that fault responsibility principle suit the indirectness tort of the service provider of the network.
23. Indirect use of language has lent itself to considerable discussion in the indirect speech act theory, though limited to cross-sentential multifunctionality under the name of indirectness.
24. In order to realize deliberate misinterpretation, hearers exploit the inherent ambiguity of language, and the inherent implicitness or indirectness of language use.
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