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Imaging system in a sentence

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Sentence count:75Posted:2021-04-23Updated:2021-04-23
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1. Our revolutionary new imaging system automatically puts you on screen.
2. A terahertz continuous wave imaging system was reported.
3. Given the dependance of infrared imaging system performance on target thermal contrast or temperature difference (T) between target and background, the accuracy of Tb of critical im- portance.
4. Designed acoustic imaging system, it is demonstrated that using acoustic lens imaging is feasible through measuring these sound fields distributing of single dot body and three dots body.
5. Methods: Cluster analysis by computer digital imaging system identification of fructus broussonetia from different habitats.
6. The property of the large depth of focus imaging system is analyzed with light chart and MTF, and the result is discussed.
7. The transfer function of imaging system is modeled using the linear system theory and sampling theory, and the noise is characterized with the three-dimensional noise model.
8. TV micro stereoscopic imaging system is used as the stereoscopic visual sensor of a micromanipulation system.
9. Based on the development of digital neutron imaging system, the restoration algorithm was presented to remedy the geometric unsharpness of digital neutron radiation images.
10. An imaging system is the key assemble of neutron radiography facility.
11. A novel approach to the imaging system by scanning with the advantages of both the confocal scanning mode and the optical heterodyne detection method are scanned.
12. An imaging system of pattern generator was designed to correct linear distortion of scanning field of ane-beam lithography system,( which was composed of both hardware and software.
13. Ultrasonic Doppler in Medical Ultrasound imaging system enriches the application of Ultrasonic diagnosis.
14. The Signa HDX MR imaging system allows for increased patient comfort, decreased scan times, faster results, and higher resolution images than ever before.
15. In the B-mode sector scan ultrasonic imaging system, the raw image is in polar coordinates, therefore, it is main tasks of image pre-processing to achieve image coordinate transform and interpolation.
16. SNC's 94 GHz HALS radar imaging system is the critical technology that enables pilots to 'see through' brownout conditions.
17. In this paper, the Terahertz (THz) continuous wave imaging system has been used to inspect the metal-knife which respectively concealed behind the paper box, polyethylene-foam and towel.
18. An imaging system with a 64-element linear receiving array and a 64-element zigzag emitting array is simulated and the analysis of ZEASA is proved to be correct by the results of the simulation.
19. Main task of this dissertation is designing a multi-beam lens antenna to both improve the resolution and reduce the imaging time of the passive millimeter-wave imaging system.
20. Blind Image Restoration is the process of estimating both the true image and the blur from the degraded image characteristic using partial information about the imaging system.
21. Fire caused for solving in the increased outmoded building wearing out electrically, the infrared thermal imaging system is a kind of more effective instrument.
22. Objective To study the role of Oto- endoscope Computer Imaging System in the forensic identification of tympanic membrane perforation.
23. Unequally spaced sampling is also useful in other forms of imaging system besides acoustical holography.
24. A Mathematical model of quantum noise having much effect on the low - light - imaging system is set up.
25. It can be used in microelectronic processing, photoetching and scan microscopic focusing or imaging system.
26. The patterns of two electrodes as the upper and lower substrates are accurately superposed on the Fresnel zone plate(FZP) in the refractive-diffractive hybrid focus-variable imaging system.
27. The system was developed in conjunction with customer participation and represents the latest in long range, man-portable thermal imaging system capability.
28. Field performance prediction is a very important subject in the fields of Infrared Imaging system(IRIS) evaluation and testing.
29. The paper introduced the mechanism of range-gated laser active imaging system, and analyzed the relation between performance and overlap factor, and also introduced it into the system design.
30. This paper introduces a band-pass filter(BPF) circuit which is used in Time Gain Compensation(TGC) of medical ultrasonic endoscope imaging system.
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