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Hew in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2017-03-04Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: chopcleavecutseversplitSimilar words: chewall the wayby the waychew outnephewin the waygo to the wallin the way ofMeaning: [hjuː]  v. 1. make or shape as with an axe 2. strike with an axe; cut down, strike. 
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1. He hewed a canoe out of a tree trunk.
2. He hewed his enemy to pieces.
3. I hewed him on his neck with my left hand,and he released his hands that seized me by the throat.
4. The walls were hewn from local stone.
5. He felled, peeled and hewed his own timber.
6. They hewed a path through the jungle.
7. The hunters hewed a path through the jungle.
8. They hewed a path through the forest.
9. The statues were hewn out of solid rock.
10. He hewed down three trees at a stretch.
11. He hewed a branch from an old tree, and used it as a stick.
12. He was hewing away at the trunk of the tree.
13. Having inherited her father's company, she hewed another steel plant.
14. The monument was hewn out of the side of a mountain.
15. You must hew to the rules of the game, or it wouldn't be named game.
16. He hewed our way through the brambles with his sharp chopper.
17. He hewed down the hedge in front of his house.
18. But Franklin did not quite hew to type.
19. The rest, hewing to more traditional belief, remained Orthodox; the Winslows were among them.
20. This made us rough - hew our plans.
21. I want to hew out a career for myself.
22. We should hew to the Party's line.
23. They hew it out of the rock.
24. Hew out of the West branch manager Huang said.
25. We began to hew out a new policy.
25. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
26. Experimental results show that the hew algorithm has satisfied convergent probability and convergent speed.
27. The path down to the beach was a precarious one, tiny steps hewn out of the sheer rock face.
28. You must either study and cater for existing markets or create hew markets for your own special products.
29. Until church members complete a sewer system, they have been forbidden to use their newly hewn bomb shelters.
30. Jobs realized that merely publishing this information in a manual would be insufficient incentive to hew this line.
More similar words: chewall the wayby the waychew outnephewin the waygo to the wallin the way ofon the waneon the wholechewablein the worldin the wake ofthe White Houseblow the whistleunder the weatherall over the worldthe working class
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