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Extracellular in a sentence

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Similar words: intracellularcellularunicellularintercellularmulticellularcellular respirationextracurricularcelluloidMeaning: adj. located or occurring outside a cell or cells. 
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1. This causes an increase in extracellular potassium concentration.
2. Extracellular osmolal concentration is approximately twice the sodium concentration.
3. Conversely, in acidemia, the extracellular hydrogen ion concentration increases.
4. As a result, extracellular potassium concentration decreases.
5. Under normal circumstances,( about one-quarter of the extracellular fluid is present in the plasma space and about three-quarters in the interstitium.
6. The solute concentration in the extracellular space would therefore be much higher than that in the intracellular space.
7. During seizures, there was a sustained increase in extracellular glutamate to potentially neurotoxic concentrations in the epileptogenic hippocampus.
8. One-quarter of this extracellular fluid is contained within blood vessels as the plasma space.
9. Extracellular matrix is an integral part of multicellular organisms, providing structural integrity and support to cells.
10. Invitro, high extracellular calcium concentrations inhibit the proliferation of human colonic epithelial cells and several colonic cancer cell lines.
11. They are stored within the basal membrane or extracellular matric and released in an active form to stimulate tissue repair and healing.
12. One further possibility is that the extracellular material provides a means of communication.
13. Similarly, homeostatic mechanisms that regulate the extracellular environment may be affected by characteristics of the cell surface.
14. The importance of extracellular matrix was first appreciated in hepatocyte culture studies.
15. Other isoprenoids are excreted into the extracellular space.
16. The reactions may be extracellular or intracellular.
17. Virion The extracellular inert phase of a virus.
18. Objective. The extracellular microenvironment directly affects metastatic chordoma cell phenotype in vitro.
19. The cells seem to migrate along a track of extracellular material that covers cells which are oriented along the pathway they take.
20. Hydrogen ions then migrate into cells in exchange for potassium ions, which enter the extracellular fluid.
21. This loss of sodium, chloride, and water into the urine will cause the extracellular fluid volume to be decreased.
22. By design, the solute concentration of isotonic saline is the same as that in usual intracellular and extracellular fluid.
23. The net result of this mechanism is increased sodium in the extracellular fluid.
24. The decreased secretion of aldosterone will affect body electrolyte balance and extracellular fluid volume.
25. The pathways taken by the cells may be determined by the nature of the extracellular matrix and contacts with other cells enroute.
26. In in vitro preparations of partially purified enzymes, the functional distinction between intracellular and extracellular calcium is lost.
27. Additionally, there will be an increased renal excretion of potassium causing a decrease of potassium in the extracellular fluid. 258.
28. Instead, water distribution will be determined by the relative allocation of solute to the extracellular and intracellular spaces.
29. It can be readily seen that sodium is the principal extracellular cation and that chloride and bicarbonate are the principal extracellular anions.
30. The sections incubated with the more diluted antibodies displayed only extracellular staining at the luminal surface of the enterocytes.
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