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Dicarboxylic in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2023-05-04Updated:2023-05-04
Similar words: carboxylic acidcarboxyliccarboxylcarboxylasecarboxylatecarboxylationdecarboxylasecarboxyl groupMeaning: adj. containing two carboxyls per molecule. 
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1. Succinic acid ( butanedioic acid ) A dicarboxylic acid formed by fermentation of sugars.
2. The sulfonated aromatic dicarboxylic acid can prepare sulfonated polyamide by reacting with diamine, and can prepare sulfonated polybenzimidazole by reacting with tetraarylamine or hexamine.
3. Succinic acidacid A dicarboxylic acid formed by fermentation of sugars.
4. Synthetic aliphatic polyesters are synthesised from diols and dicarboxylic acids via condensation polymerisation, and are known to be completely biodegradable in soil and water.
5. To study on processing technology of recover Tridecane Dicarboxylic Acid from mother liquor by extraction.
6. The COD of the tridecane dicarboxylic acid wastewater is high about ten thousands, and there is high concentration sodium sulfate in the wastewater.
7. Np - anilino-naphthalene -1,8- dicarboxylic imide and N - allyl - naphthalene -1.8- dicarboxylic imide were synthesized(, then their two modified polymers were also prepared.
8. To study on processing technology of recover Dicarboxylic Acid from mother liquor by extraction.
9. A colorless crystalline dicarboxylic acid, C4H6O4, occurring naturally in amber and important in the Krebs cycle. It is also synthesized for use in pharmaceuticals and perfumes.
10. The reaction with dicarboxylic acid anhydrides results in an acid addition product, which alters the ratio of free basic to free acidic groups in gelatin, so as to lower the isoelectric point.
11. The dioctyl glutaricate was prepared by esterification of octyl alcohol and glutaric acid separated from dicarboxylic acid in catalysis of sulfuric acid.
12. In this fashion the four entering carbons of two acetyl-CoA molecules are conserved to form one 4-carbon dicarboxylic acid.
13. The influence factors of esterification of isooctyl alcohol with tridecane dicarboxylic acid over zeolites 3, ZSM-5, HZSM-5 were investigated.
14. Vicinal diol can be effectively translated into azelaic acid and the corresponding dicarboxylic acid monomethyl ester.
15. The condensation was carried out with an excess of glycol or of dicarboxylic acid.
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16. A method for analysis of thiophene - 2,5 - dicarboxylic acid by ion pair reversed - phase HPLC was described.
17. With heteropoly acids as catalyst, diisooctyl glutarate was prepared by esterification of isooctyl alcohol and glutaric acid separated from dicarboxylic acids.
18. The diamyl glutarate was synthesized by esterification of n-amyl alcohol and glutaric anhydride separated from dicarboxylic acid by catalysis of silicotungstic acid.
19. Diethyl glutarate was synthesized using glutaric anhydride and ethanol, which were separated from dicarboxylic acid, as raw material, heteropoly acid as catalyst.
20. This paper reports the synthesis of a series of poly (silyl ester)s by diacetoxylsilane with several dicarboxylic acid.
21. The metabolic characters of production phase in the fermentation of unde - cane dicarboxylic acid were analyzed.
22. The wholly aromatic four-component copolyesters were prepared from p-acetoxy-benzoic acid, hydroquinone diacetate, 2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylic acid and isophthalic acid by melting polycondensation.
23. The development of polyethylene naphthalate ( PEN ) and its intermediate 2,6 - naphthalene dicarboxylic aicd ( 2,6 - NDA ) is reviewed.
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