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Contextual information in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2020-01-12Updated:2020-01-12
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1. It has been established that contextual information is necessary in addition to a pattern recogniser.
2. On some occasions, however, contextual information might actually be unhelpful in that it might exclude the correct item.
3. All the contextual information is lost.
4. Subjects were given varying amounts of contextual information.
5. Through contextual information, problem resolution is streamlined, and standards and policies can be enforced.
6. Each messaging protocol provides a place for this contextual information: SOAP headers, JMS headers, WebSphere "workspaces," just to name a few examples.
7. The software also provides contextual information tailored to the individual.
8. Requiring intermediation encourages messages to carry more contextual information.
9. Furthermore the parser provides no contextual information, so it is up to the application to match the events with each other.
10. The Context object encapsulates all contextual information needed to evaluate the expression.
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11. Contextual information, such as namespace attributes and WSDL-derived information, are saved beneath Context.
12. Contextual information that is typically used for filtering includes current date, time, last actions performed, current navigational position, and awareness of other persons online.
13. These various approaches have a number of problems, and it was established that contextual information is necessary in addition to a pattern recogniser.
14. The only way for correct recognition to be achieved in such situations is by the use of additional contextual information.
15. Three approaches are generally considered for the application of contextual information in the field of text recognition.
16. Human readers usually have little difficulty with most types of ambiguity, since they can effortlessly apply a variety of contextual information.
17. This is more than skills because the total expertise will include also rules, knowledge and contextual information.
18. Annotations are defined that govern injection of method parameters and class members, which provide valuable contextual information to applications during runtime.
19. Glossary users may add notes to terms providing further contextual information and subject matter knowledge to the glossary.
20. The mediation handlers that are contained in the mediation can read and change the message, the contextual information, and even the routing (that is, where the message is sent next).
21. The EPCIS specification permits the data from raw read events to be augmented with contextual information about the observation of tagged items in the supply chain.
22. A developer can instrument an application using JMX to provide contextual information for issues that occur.
23. The site uses traditional pop-up windows to present small chunks of contextual information about each product and product option.
24. When doing so, it is crucial to include as much contextual information as possible -- parameters supplied by users and other application state information, for example.
25. Some discussions have started already on the Bean Validation feedback forum to provide additional contextual information.
26. It could be extended to employ rules to grant or deny operations (put, get, cd, and so on) based on a user's identity or contextual information that can be tested by rules.
27. Transient pages are created based on the definition of an existing page and are then added to the navigation along with contextual information.
28. You can see the power of this as a next generation Internet interface, as it removes several manual steps from the process of receiving relevant, contextual information about something or someone.
29. The contextual portal supports recurring user behavior by taking contextual information into account or by learning from a user or user group's previous behavior.
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