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Coking in a sentence

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1 Coke is used as fuel and in making steel.
2 Coke is an economical fuel but it leaves a lot of ash.
3 Jim often laces a glass of Coke with beer.
4 A coke and a tomato juice, please.
5 Coke and Pepsi are types of cola.
6 Can I have a Diet Coke?
7 She quenched her thirst with a glass of Coke.
8 The children kept dripping Coke on the carpets.
9 I'll have a coke float please.
10 She took a long swig of coke.
11 She allegedly has a $500-a-day coke habit.
12 We drank a can of Coke each.
13 I'll have a Coke,[] please.
14 Coke is used in the production of steel.
15 In a consumer taste test, Coke went up against Pepsi.
16 Darby was looking for a way to improve iron when he hit upon the idea of smelting it with coke instead of charcoal.
17 He was still hanging around, swigging the Coke out of the can.
18 Coke burns with oxygen to give carbon dioxide.
19 The most notorious confrontation took place around a coking plant at Orgreave, near Sheffield.
20 Coke and Pepsi are the most popular brands of cola.
21 Mr Haq was open for newspapers, for cigarette papers, for birthday cards and diet Cokes.
22 Soviet steel mills need 346,000 tonnes of coking coal a day but are getting only 200,000.
23 The change rule that coking yield and coke VCM increase as the coking period shortens in the commercial delayed coking unit has been calculated by the model.
24 There were violent clashes between police and pickets, notably at the Orgreave coking depot in Rotherham in the summer of 1984.
25 Oaky Creek produces about 3. 5 million metric tons of high-quality coking coal a year.
26 By controlling combustion temperature or adding kaolin clay to make alkali metal salts into high melting substances, coking can be avoided in dense phase zone.
27 The process flow and production practice of - distillationreduced - pressure distillation for tar in Jigang coking plant are introduced.
28 Metallurgical coke is produced by heating mixtures of powdered coking coal (25 -30wt% volatile content) in the absence of air.
29 It is suggested that to more efficiently improve the cold strength and hot strength of the coke, the coking time should be properly prolonged if production conditions are permitted.
30 The surrounding area of the coke oven, the raw coal gas purification workshop and the coal tar and crude benzene processing workshop would be the most serious pollution area of the coking plant.
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