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Clappers in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2020-06-16Updated:2020-06-16
Similar words: clapperclapped outpersonal appeallappetflapperslapperwhippersnapperclappingMeaning: ['klæpə]  n. a percussion instrument consisting of a pair of hollow pieces of wood or bone (usually held between the thumb and fingers) that are made to click together (as by Spanish dancers) in rhythm with the dance. 
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1) We had to drive like the clappers to get there on time.
2) You'll have to run like the clappers if you want to catch your train.
3) Male speaker Inside you are going like the clappers because you are nervous and the tension is building up.
4) All their backs were coming up like the clappers.
5) Little legs going like the clappers.
6) The modern wooden clappers shown below left are made by some Aboriginal people in Australia.
7) Percussion instruments like drums and clappers are also sometimes included.
8) But at that time,( really nobody dare clappers.
9) The village tongues will be going like the clappers this morning.
10) Clappers or castanets are a toy made of two or more piece of wood or other material which is driven together.
11) The performer holds two clappers in his left hand and a bamboo chip in the right.
12) Watch out for bells with lead clappers and toys that use lead weights.
13) I've got to work like the clappers this morning.
14) In ancient Egypt ivory clappers were made with just that purpose in mind.
15) It was a perfect Great Hall of the People crowd: prominent, well behaved; all clappers,[] no complainers.
16) But apparently these fish do have one redeeming feature - they grow like the clappers.
17) I had my first good bite, a two inch lift then the indicator dropping like the clappers on a slack line.
18) Actually slide the sand exactly sit om a bamboo clappers facing down from the sand hill. hat is very exciting!
19) The main instruments used to accompany dagu were drums , clappers and the three - string .
20) Because the person enrages flourishing, switzerland depends on Asia-Pacific of wave road company CEO Ou revive big on the spot clappers: All get on for emancipatory tablet set up shop.
21) Accordingly, of the subway bury difficult question, nobody dare clappers, bemused all the time decision - making process.
22) That new turbo - charged Ford goes like the clappers.
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