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Bedevil in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2017-07-08Updated:2017-07-08
Similar words: daredevilspeak of the devilgive the devil his duedevildevilrydust devilvaudevillejoie de vivreMeaning: [bɪ'devl]  v. 1. treat cruelly 2. be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly. 
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1. The insects bedevilled the horses.
2. Communities sometimes seem to be bedevilled.
3. The expedition was bedevilled by bad weather.
4. The new building was bedevilled by elevator failures.
5. Bad weather bedevilled our plans.
6. His career was bedevilled by injury.
7. This injury bedevilled him throughout his career.
8. The issue was bedevilled by prejudices.
9. Ever since I started playing tennis, I've been bedevilled by back pains.
10. The senator has been bedeviled by allegations of corruption.
11. The same problem bedevils the men.
11. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
12. Off the field problems which have bedevilled the club in recent times have been buried.
13. Uncertainty over objectives has bedevilled public libraries for many years.
14. In particular, the relationship is becoming increasingly bedevilled by the issue of anti-missile defence.
15. Unti1 1939 the Labour Party was bedevilled by internal dissensions on this issue.
16. Systemic treatment of cancer is bedevilled by the similarity of tumour cells to normal cells, at least under most physiological conditions.
17. Similar problems bedevil the wind turbine industry in China.
18. Keeping those promises will soon start to bedevil the administration.
19. I have observed certain recurring weaknesses that bedevil many would-be entrepreneurs.
20. Crump Credit problems bedevil a large number of people .
21. If it backfires , it could bedevil efforts to contain public spending.
22. The system thus avoids the seemingly interminable delays that bedevil on-line services when they are used to transmit graphics.
23. Secondly, share-pushing raised in acute form a problem which bedevils much of civil law.
24. As government has grown larger and more powerful, so have the temptations that bedevil elected officials.
25. In the past, the discussion on the role of the state in public communication has been bedevilled by the East-West conflict.
26. Instead, the new system was introduced on the pay-as-you-go basis which has bedevilled social security finance ever since.
27. On Israel, the other chronic foreign policy issue that will bedevil the next secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton would bring baggage as well.
28. Or perhaps it’s a symptom of our age, that the problems that bedevil us on Earth limit our interest in other worlds — just when we need them (and the inspiration they offer) most.
29. Kurd and Turk, Baghdad Shia and Saudi Arabian Wahhabi have bridged the sectarian rifts that bedevil their homelands.
30. When it comes to wasted wealth, and the problems that bedevil poor countries that are rich in natural resources, especially oil, there is plenty of blame to go around.
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