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Back and forth in a sentence

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Sentence count:170+5Posted:2016-07-18Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: backward and forwardto and froSimilar words: back awaysend forstand forthe rank and filepackagefirst and foremostbackback ofMeaning: adv. moving from one place to another and back again. 
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31. The ship was tossed back and forth by the waves.
32. We must keep an eye out for the stranger who is looking back and forth all the time.
33. He tried to calm the screaming baby by rocking it back and forth.
34. I could see the branches of the trees moving back and forth.
35. They passed it back and forth.
36. It goes back and forth though.
37. The chair squeaks when you rock back and forth.
38. Petey heard him trying to brave it out, rocking back and forth to make the pain subside.
39. The steady clicking of the keys and snapping back and forth of the carriage slammed against her ears like a freight train.
40. He could hear engines gunning, hammers ringing, voices shouting back and forth.
41. Now he had to devise a method by which workmen and supplies could shuttle back and forth across the gorge.
42. The road twisted, two lanes of blacktop angling back and forth up the side of the mountain.
43. Valda and Varvara have planned the visit while walking back and forth across the school courtyard with books balanced on their heads.
44. For the most part, he either lies on his bed or paces back and forth in his room.
45. Then there is the travelling back and forth to shows, which can often entail a long drive.
46. She couldn't speak, could not even think while his thumb was brushing back and forth across her mouth like that.
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47. The tape will keep running back and forth through the device so long as further calculations need to be performed.
48. Norma darted back and forth between the oven and the table, a smile planted firmly on her face.
49. These recollections, centred around one Soviet diplomat, track back and forth over the years.
50. Paquita fusses with the white cloth, twitching it back and forth, minutely rearranging its folds.
51. The sociological debate about the relationship of the nuclear to the extended family has also swayed back and forth.
52. Even when she strokes my inner thigh, back and forth like rocking a cradle, I hardly notice what she is doing.
53. He wobbles back and forth between the two, giving neither the attention it deserves.
54. He had been drifting back and forth between the two ever since.
55. Dennis lifted the magazine by the side and craned his neck back and forth.
56. Brach flies back and forth weekly, between New York and L.A.
57. She loses the community of women who hand their children back and forth so that each can have some free time.
58. She hovered back and forth just barely above the ground, often returning to the same area again and again.
59. The mainsail was still swinging back and forth, sweeping the cabin top, so it was lowered and tied down.
60. Immigration includes both people seeking permanent settlement and those seeking temporary employment who want to circulate back and forth.
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