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Ahab in a sentence

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Sentence count:69Posted:2020-02-08Updated:2020-02-08
Similar words: mahabharataahaha-hamahabahasabahaimahanomahaMeaning: n. according to the Old Testament he was a pagan king of Israel and husband of Jezebel (9th century BC). 
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(1) But still there is no sign of Captain Ahab.
(2) Ahab takes an interest in Pip.
(3) So Ahab does what all practical men would do.
(4) Throughout the passage, Ahab stands on the deck as if transfixed, staring blindly ahead into the wind and sleet.
(5) Ahab cries for some of the crew to assist in this and Pip volunteers.
(6) As Ahab and the crew pass it by from day to day they ponder its meaning.
(7) Ahab plotted a course which he hoped would take him to the whale.
(8) After Stubb goes below, Ahab stands alone on the deck.
(9) Ahab abandons his watch and walks about the deck finally coming to rest against the rail.
(10) In other words, Ahab fails to realize that good and evil are inextricably bound together and can not be separated.
(11) To Ahab, the White Whale represents the impossibility of going behind the superficial layers of nature or reality.
(12) They beg Ahab to turn the ship about and sail homeward.
(13) Ahab is seen as the Pope and the three primitive harpooners are his cardinals who will help him carry out his mission.
(14) Ahab feels then that he must destroy these evil forces in order to survive as a free man.
(15) Starbuck and Ahab almost communicate with each other as the first mate pleads with Ahab to repudiate this vengeful mission.
(16) Ahab fears his own feelings and thus,[] he climbs into the mast head himself in order to watch for the whales.
(17) Thus, finally, Ahab recognizes the monomania of his pursuit, but can do nothing about it.
(18) Ahab talks to this head and asks it to explain the mystery of the universe.
(19) For a moment, then, the pity Ahab feels for the poor crazed Negro boy nearly swerves him from his course.
(20) We hear also that Ahab had previously received his scar from lightning during such a storm.
(21) Thus, Ahab will allow the men to pursue other whales and to capture as many as possible.
(22) Thus, Ahab is getting closer to the Purpose of his life.
(23) Ahab confesses his deep, burning, tormenting desire to strike back at the creature who took his leg from him.
(24) Ahab stands and fights fiercely against the storm which blows him away from his course.
(25) The sighting of the whale, Ahab cries, was meant for him, and then he is lowered to the deck.
(26) After Starbuck leaves, we see that Ahab was not so confident of his position as it appeared to Starbuck.
(27) Starbuck, as is the custom, goes below to inform Ahab of the change.
(28) As a metaphor for the modern mountaineer, the life of Captain Ahab has some disturbing parallels.
(29) The carpenter and blacksmith hurriedly fashion a new one, and Ahab has a new harpoon fashioned from the finest iron.
(30) The crew excitedly accepts the challenge flung at them by Ahab and they all drink a pledge to it.
More similar words: mahabharataahaha-hamahabahasabahaimahanomahalahargalahadsaharagrahambahamasisfahanby a hairsaharanabrahammahatmato a hairtomahawkcall a haltbear a handmaharajakalaharimata haritaj mahallift a handlend a handtallahasseebahamian
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