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Synchrony in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-08-11Updated:2017-08-11
Similar words: asynchronysynchronicsynchronismsynchronisesynchronizesynchronoussynchronizedsynchronizationMeaning: n. the relation that exists when things occur at the same time. random good picture
(1) Cycling in synchrony with the supercontinents and sea levels is the global climate.
(2) All right. I need to come back to synchrony and diachrony.
(3) Their mouths moved(, also in synchrony.
(4) The sympatry in space and the synchrony in time indicated that these natural enemies had high efficiency to control their preys.
(5) Impairment of LV function and synchrony existed only in diastole in HHD patients.
(6) Under the state of qigong, the synchrony of the brain motor cortex was enhanced obviously.
(7) Diachrony, synchrony and prototypical structures: After Bakhtin, most critics believe that works of Dostoevsky are synchronic, and makes no diachronic sense in both structure and characters.
(8) The drug produces an increased synchrony of the brain waves.
(9) In Saussure s theory of linguistics, synchrony and diachrony are important concepts.
(10) A thorough research, both in synchrony and diachrony, lead us to the following results.
(11) An alternating electric field in synchrony with the orbital frequency of the particle produces acceleration.
(12) Methods Synchrony 12 - lead electrocardiogram was obtained from 100 healthy adults ( male 50, female 50 ).
(13) Other reluctant players include squirrels, coyotes and ravens, all of whom seesaw in synchrony.
(14) Saussure compared the working of language to chess playing, which vividly described differences between the concepts of synchrony and diachrony in linguistics.
(15) As a result, it seriously separate the organic connection of the development between its diachrony and synchrony.
(16) Merleau-Ponty has accepted the principle of differentiation in Saussure's linguistics but refused his methodological division between synchrony and diachrony between language and speech.
(17) AIM To evaluate the influence of pacing in right ventricular septum(RVS)and right ventricular apex(RVA)on pacing parameter and biventricular electrical synchrony.
(18) This paper tries, from the perspective of diachrony and synchrony, to analyze the grammaticalization features and cognitive motivations.
(19) Therefore, the development of a language has the feature of both dynamic diachrony and static synchrony.
(20) The organization and development of the female flower and the type and synchrony of embryogenesis in Betulaceae are also discussed.
(21) This paper has tested and analyzed the structure, environment, historical types of economic ethics from the perspectives of synchrony and diachrony.
(22) As long as the sea never completely freezes during the cooling phase of the cycle, the whole process would continue as long as Enceladus remains in orbital synchrony with Dione.
(23) Compared with synchronous explosive AND gate, it requires no synchrony and time sequencing to its two inputs, thus extends its application area and improves its reliability of normal function .
(24) The second part is about unearthliness , it is including magic and conjuration. I will also studying unearthlinesss Synchrony, Diachrony and its nature by the vision of cross-culture and cross-text.
(25) Higher education service has several features such as goal particularity, production and expense synchrony, quasi-public, precursor and lag behind, systematic characteristic and mentality.
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