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Polynomial in a sentence

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Sentence count:206Posted:2017-01-12Updated:2017-01-12
Similar words: certainly notpolyby no meanspolygonpolygamypolyglotpolytheismpolytheisticMeaning: [‚pɑlɪ'nəʊmɪəl /‚pɒ-] n. a mathematical function that is the sum of a number of terms. adj. having the character of a polynomial. random good picture
1. Usually this will be a scalar polynomial curvature singularity, but a large class of significant exceptions occurs.
2. Such splitting is feasible if the polynomial on the numerator is of lower degree than that on the denominator.
3. Scalar polynomial curvature singularities therefore can not occur.
4. The error is in taking the polynomial to be a structural representation of the system, but the basic underlying fallacy remains.
5. Especially when time path is highly nonlinearity, polynomial method will become complex and hard to operate.
6. The Polynomial - Basis Multiplier in the finite field is the key module to realizing ECC basic operations.
7. Secondly, the unknown parameters of a quadratic polynomial are defined by regression analysis and a reasonable approximation of the physical limit state function is obtained.
8. The general methods are polynomial approximation and Chebyshev approximation.
9. The Frye and Morris polynomial model is adopted for modeling the semi - rigid connections.
10. A polynomial may be used during analysis to generate a metric indicating the suitability of the sensing vector for use in cardiac event detection and analysis.
11. The impedance function is approximated by fractional polynomial,[] which is represented as a series connection of parallel RL elements (Foster form).
12. Using vertex shader instructions the polynomial coefficients and spherical harmonics functions can be fast calculated, and then the corresponding irradiance environment maps are also generated.
13. The polynomial multiplication is performed by sub-polynomial multiplications and additions.
14. The application of the least square polynomial fit method in the wavelength calibration of the Optical multichannel analyzer with a CCD detector is investigated.
15. The paper emphasizes on the methods of polynomial surface approximation which is part of numerical approximations, and analyzes the precision of polynomial function model through the measured data.
16. There are three important graph polynomials in graph theory, they have a close relationship with each other: chromatic polynomial, Tutte polynomial and flow polynomial.
17. Orthogonalization method of simultaneous estimation of polynomial model order and parameter is presented in this paper.
18. The authors define polynomial Lie subalgebras in the infinite matrix Lie algebra, and discuss some main properties of this kind of subalgebras and its construction.
19. More interesting are problems where the answers can be written down, and even checked for correctness, in polynomial time.
20. There are also facilities to display the data's standard errors and select polynomial and rational functions.
21. Then, on the basis of theory of Taylor series, an orthogonal polynomial model of a-N curves is proposed to have more polynomial degree, and higher relation coefficient.
22. With your mouse, drag data points and their error bars[], and watch the best-fit polynomial curve update instantly.
23. We study uncapacitated version of the minimum cost flow problem of one-commodity and two-commodity with not only fixed cost but also variable cost, and give them each a polynomial algorithm.
24. Ancient Chinese mathematicians had tried to extend them as for as infinite arithmetic, but the result turned out to be a set of formal operations corresponding to polynomial theory.
25. The author study the minimum cost flow problem with not only fixed cost but also variable cost, and they found it be a mixed 0-1 linear program, and it does not have polynomial time algorithm.
26. The property of companion matrix is studied, and the method of calculating the characteristic polynomial of matrix with similar transformation is explained.
27. The relationship of reading values and standard values for two types of sensors are the polynomial function and the linear equation.
28. Based on the blending functions, a method of generating piecewise polynomial curves with several shape parameters is obtained.
29. Center conditions and bifurcation of limit cycles at the infinity for a class of quintic polynomial system were studied.
30. The predictive intelligent control scheme is proposed, which is based on approximation theory and numerical method of Chcbyshev orthogonal polynomial.
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