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Reproductive in a sentence

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Synonym: generativeprocreativeSimilar words: reproductionproductiveproductivityproductionproductintroductiondeductiveproduceMeaning: [‚rɪːprə'dʌktɪv] adj. producing new life or offspring. 
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1. Not all doctors truly understand the reproductive cycle.
2. The male reproductive organs are exterior to the body.
3. Extra doses of the hormone caused the animals' reproductive organs to develop sooner than usual.
4. The book deals with the reproductive biology of the buffalo.
5. This seasonal decline in reproductive success is yet another factor in the pied flycatcher's bigamous mating system.
6. The whole woman of reproductive age produces an ovum a month, representing a single shot at a pregnancy every twenty-eight days.
7. When only seeing is believing the unseen reproductive anatomy of the female can not be an article of faith.
8. Hormonally active synthetic chemicals can damage the reproductive system, alter the nervous system and brain, and impair the immune system.
9. Not so: traditional breeders must operate within the reproductive boundaries that define species.
10. And the most formidable threats to reproductive destiny that a human individual faces come from other human individuals.
11. In contrast, the Genetic Supermarket promotes individual reproductive choice.
12. These criteria connote reproductive heterosexuality, and male-, middle-class-dominated employment.
13. Are women getting education and treatment for reproductive tract infections?
14. To what extent its reproductive strategies emphasize such altruism depends on the pay-off of such strategies in terms of inclusive fitness.
15. The reproductive systems consist of filamentous tubes.
16. Dioxins are known to cause cancer and to affect the immune and reproductive system of animals.
17. The cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system, but it is difficult to find.
18. Introduction Little is known about the effects of body fat distribution on reproductive function in women.
19. Fetal, infant and early childhood mortality and maternity related deaths to women of reproductive age are the classes of mortality examined.
20. In other species, territories are defended for energetic, rather than reproductive, reasons.
21. Legislators, medical ethicists and public health experts continue to debate limiting the use of such reproductive technologies.
22. Frisch suggested that underweight women would also have impaired reproductive function owing to a lack of oestrogen produced in adipose tissue.
23. No-one knows how the radiation will have damaged the reproductive organs of the children who receive continual doses.
24. Under many circumstances, the evolutionarily stable allocation to male and female reproductive functions should be about the same.
25. Detailed life-history studies of this highly dimorphic animal reveal that the reproductive success of large males is much higher than small males.
26. The main emphasis of Hume's book is the inter-relationships between nutrition, reproductive performance and life histories of marsupials.
27. Following mating,( the sperm are stored in special tiny tubules in the female's reproductive tract.
28. Strongyloides is unique among the nematodes of veterinary importance being capable of both parasitic and free-living reproductive cycles.
29. They tolerate cubs more than the females possibly because their reproductive life in the pride is so short.
30. In real life, the criterion for selection is always short-term, either simple survival or, more generally, reproductive success.
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