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Digit in a sentence

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Sentence count:170Posted:2017-04-17Updated:2017-04-17
Synonym: figurenumbernumeralSimilar words: digitaldigital clockprestidigitationdig inprodigiouslegitdigagitateMeaning: ['dɪdʒɪt] n. 1. one of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration 2. the length of breadth of a finger used as a linear measure 3. a finger or toe in human beings or corresponding body part in other vertebrates. random good picture
1, Her telephone number differs from mine by one digit.
2, A single bit-plane can hold only one binary digit in each position.
3, Blood burst from the shattered digit and Benton screamed again.
4, This is still a key financial objective. Single digit margins are simply not acceptable in a company like ours.
5, He displayed a swollen, bruised digit and a mangled thumbnail.
6, The double digit inflation and growing trade deficit were the government's most difficult economic problems.
7, There is a bar code plus thirteen digit number on the front of this copy of Everyday Electronics.
8, If the number is more than one digit, add them together.
9, Its double - digit growth in gross domestic product last year is statistical proof of the ongoing changes.
10, The GPR Asia Index has posted double digit returns and strongly outperformed a range of asset classes over the past 5 years.
11, It also doesn't verify the credit card's check digit.
12, The action of transferring a carry digit.
13, An example of the 12 digit online banking membership number format is 201056789112.
14, The Communist Party decreed double - digit pay rises and firms are grumbling about a new labour law.
15, Triphone models can distinguish the same digit markedly improve the recognition rate.
16, Only Scotland saw a single digit drop ,( falling by 6 %.
17, We have seen that a single flip-flop can remember one binary digit.
18, The clock to record response time starts at the same time that the probe digit is shown on the screen.
19, Without a name, he was just a statistic,[] a single digit in the vast lists of war.
20, In this way, a single D-type bistable can remember one binary digit - or 0 or a 1.
21, A broken networked intelligence may be able to calculate pi to the billionth digit but not forward e-mail to a new address.
22, This can be achieved by dialling: followed by the four digit extension number.
23, The major element of the code was a single digit which indicated the overall condition of the item.
24, The categories to which an item could be assigned by the use of this digit are detailed in Table 10, below.
25, The Doctor and his party watched warily as the three ghostly figures beckoned with one digit of their three fingered hands.
26, Underlying pre-tax profits rise 12 %-eighth consecutive year of delivering double digit growth at this level?
27, Sedique language numeral system composes of coefficient words and digit words.
28, Find the largest palindrome made from the product of two 3 - digit numbers.
29, The bill was passed, and within five months after the bill was passed, we had double digit unemployment for the first time.
30, In parallel addition, a carry which is produced in one digit place as a result of addition for that digit place and which is propagated to the next high-order digit place.
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