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Alibi in a sentence

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Synonym: excusestorySimilar words: gullibilitygalileo galileigliblibralibelad libinhibitexhibitMeaning: ['ælɪbaɪ] n. 1. (law) a defense by an accused person purporting to show that he or she could not have committed the crime in question 2. a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc.. v. exonerate by means of an alibi. 
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1. Lucky for him, his alibi is watertight.
2. He established an alibi to the charge of murder.
3. The police broke her alibi by proving she knew how to shoot a
4. Late again, Richard? What's your alibi this time?
5. They invented a very convincing alibi.
6. The false alibi threw the police off the scent.
7. The police are suspicious of his alibi because he already has a record.
8. The accused was not able to provide an alibi for the evening.
9. Her alibi just didn't hold water.
10. He had a perfect alibi and the police let him go.
11. The police are checking out his alibi.
12. They've got nothing on me I've got an alibi.
13. Doubts were cast on the veracity of her alibi after three people claimed to have seen her at the scene of the robbery.
14. It developed that he had an alibi for the night.
15. You cannot question the truth of his alibi.
16. His alibi would not have withstood cross - examination .
17. The police verified that she had an airtight alibi.
18. Do you have any proof to substantiate your alibi?
19. I have an alibi for at least two of the previous killings.
20. According to Ken Harris, she has a cast-iron alibi.
21. If his alibi doesn't check out the police are going to charge him with murder.
22. Nor did he review his alibi in any detail.
23. An excellent alibi, too: no one would question the word of the esteemed Professor Summerlee.
24. Scamp had an airtight alibi, naturally, but then again young Leakey never said who exactly had done it.
25. She was in the office all of Wednesday and so has a cast-iron alibi.
26. After eight years in power, the government can no longer use the previous government's policy as an alibi for its own failure.
27. The accused had thrown dust in the eyes of the police by giving them a false alibi.
28. Two women seemed anxious to provide Tate with an alibi, or to use him as an alibi for themselves.
29. It will be argued below that management is provided with an alibi for poor performance by constant adhoc ministerial interference.
30. And it was my lies to the police which had given him his non-existent alibi.
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