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Doff in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2016-12-08Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: removetake offundoSimilar words: do forfend offhead offkind ofa load ofdemand ofahead ofsound offMeaning: [dɒf] v. remove. 
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1. He doffed his hat as they went by.
2. She doffs her garb worn under fire and wears again female attire.
3. He doffed his hat to her as she passed in her carriage.
4. He doffed his stupid ideas and joined our side.
5. The song doffs its hat to the best soul traditions.
6. Because it was raining the chevalier did not doff his hat as was then the custom.
7. Lou Rigatoni laughed and doffed his hat, which Madame Astarti thought was a fedora but wasn't sure.
8. I doffed my cap to Goreng and his superiors.
9. Ace stood silently as the Doctor doffed his hat, and gave Mortimer a cheery smile.
10. Lasorda doffed his cap and bowed.
11. Its master staunchly refused to doff his hat to the director-general.
12. The peasants doff their hats.
13. Macaque is drunk fuddle one's cap , doff garment hat with nothing left, full ground rolls about.
14. To doff one's hat . Some men's hat is easily blow away as their head.
15. Doff your stupid habits and live.
16. Some twenty communications men, their watch just completed, appeared on deck, doffed their shirts and began to exercise.
17. And there was a brief New Romantic period where they doffed the costumes for makeup and mascara.
18. But Carrick has now gained an age where young lads metaphorically doff their caps and older spectators offer grudging respect.
19. EXAMPLE: When I forgot the client's name during our meeting, I felt like a real off doff .
20. In fact, the recite-teaching method is essential and should not doff in future teaching.
21. Cation - anion exchange resin can crack and disassemble bond - chromatography , doff the bond - large - molecule and dissociate paclitaxel.
22. It appears that in the face of chemical or biological warfare[], a woman's primary job is to doff her clothes.
23. Everything worth watching in Iron Man 2 happens when the characters doff the armor and hang out in their civvies.
24. If a man wearing a fedora enters into a conversation with a lady, custom dictates that he doff his hat.
More similar words: do forfend offhead offkind ofa load ofdemand ofahead ofsound offround offget hold ofget rid ofbe fond ofby the end ofbe tired ofbe proud ofat the end ofhead officeinstead ofbe afraid ofa bed of rosesahead of timeahead of schedule
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