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Customizable in a sentence

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Sentence count:49Posted:2017-10-11Updated:2017-10-17
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1. Download free, customizable business forms from
2. Provides customizable Alerts like Video Recording, Photo Snaps, Sound Alarms, E - mail Notifications and phone.
3. Armadillo originally didn't have the customizable hardware locking options.
4. Even more importantly, it's customizable for each person.
5. Because of this, the metaprogramming system should be customizable to produce output for a wide variety of systems.
6. OSC is fully customizable for customer needs, so it can be even adjusted by customer himself.
7. It has customizable mode switching with automatic tracking and has a larger field of compatibility.
8. Drag to add a customizable pie chart to your drawing page.
9. Customizable, 1 - D timeline to which you can add dates and events.
10. And fourth, I'll help you make this computer customizable for each person who will use it.
11. Track events and scenarios of special interest with customizable counters and charts.
11. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
12. Geronimo is built on a highly customizable and modular architecture.
13. Each stage provides customizable properties (for example, input table name, column definition, transformation formula, and so on).
14. Customizable frame rate for exported video.
15. This score-based solitaire game is customizable, and you can play Splat, 101 Invaders, NotSo Simple Simon or Memory Match.
16. Put a highly customizable chatroom right on your website portals, or as a stand - alone chatroom.
17. The package has some neat additional features too(, not least of which is the customizable toolbar.
18. Database generation and object - layer code generation are customizable.
19. CSS replaces many parts of HTML and is more customizable.
20. This is accomplished by a special CAI task, the application purger, which runs at a customizable point in time, and ultimately does delete applications marked as deleted.
21. The effectiveness of color-grids lies in their graphical design, which introduces a standard for customizable data representation.
22. Pulse offers several external multiband antenna platforms which are rapidly customizable for the needs of a specific customer project.
23. BOAT calculates an E-value for each hit as a quality assessment and provides customizable post-mapping filters for further mapping quality control.
24. One of synthetic biology's primary goals is to create customizable organisms able to produce food, fuel or pharmaceuticals; clean toxins from the environment; or even function as computers.
25. Interaction designers often face the conundrum of whether to make their products user - customizable.
26. Functional programming achieves code reuse by abstracting out generic pieces of machinery, customizable via higher-order functions.
27. Utilizing feature analysis techniques to depict the variability of similar service resources and user requirements, a domain-oriented and customizable business-level service model is proposed.
28. LetsEat. at - Free and hosting for restaurants that includes customizable menus, daily specials, printable coupon, and more.
29. And we have very extensive code coloring (more than 76 colors in addition to the Vs standard colors) and customizable code formatting.
30. To save space, noise word references are not maintained within the index, but they are stored in a customizable list by language.
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