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Customize in a sentence

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Sentence count:117Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2017-02-27
Similar words: epitomizecustomcustomeraccustomaccustomedcustoms dutycustodyminimizeMeaning: ['kʌstmaɪz] v. 1. make to specifications 2. make according to requirements. 
1. You can customize the behavior of the Asynchronous Server and hence re-brand it by defining your own command set for invoking services.
2. You can customize the software in several ways.
3. A Graph Window is used to build and customize graphs based on data from the Notebook window.
4. The goal is to customize content for a California audience, a feature that Pac Bell hopes will give it an edge.
5. You can customize links by displaying them as underlined and/or in a special color.
6. Cruise lines work with wedding planners to customize ceremonies.
7. Fathers should customize each to their own particular needs and situation.
8. General Motors will customize Cadillacs for special clients.
9. But you can customize that to receive updates less or more frequently.
10. Allows you to customize the decimal format pattern.
11. I need to customize the existing template "webby 2" to look more professional and different , showing online members scroller and popular members scroller.
12. Custom key assignments are made in the Customize Keyboard dialog box.
13. You can customize the name of the Desktop Shortcuts folder.
14. GDS lets you customize many other things as well, including control over every part of the serialization process, and support for special types.
15. Users can customize of specifications the products of the length.
16. This is one way to customize the information you display via PDI.
17. We had to customize the w3 application code to share profile changes and changes in personalized portlet settings between the two EAR files that make up our application.
18. We start with a simple sine curve and customize it to look just as we want it to.
19. In this section, you'll customize QueryReadStore and TreeGrid to implement partial loading and fix regression bugs.
20. A menu system makes Screen Scenes easy to control and customize.
21. Ana Teasdale, another trainer, said the Komen group will do more training and customize it for different audiences, including translating additional materials into Arabic.
22. While the filter file is designed to be parameterizable through the use of param or paramDef elements, in real customer applications it is not practical to customize this file at runtime.
23. If you are an Emacs user, you have most likely added your own macros and shortcuts to customize it for your style.
24. As well as providing custom data to the Visualiser, you can also customize the drawing style of the columns and the colors used for the stripes.
24. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
25. Gadgets typically have a view mode, which presents the application function, and a customize mode, which lets users modify gadget settings to customize the gadget based on their personal preferences.
26. These governors also allow for some user tuning so you can customize and easily change the frequency scaling.
27. Wanting to be the FAQing WordPress of FAQ forms, FaqMe allows admins to customize their pages, add, edit and delete FAQ entires as well as drag and drop re-order them.
28. The funced command has full syntax highlighting, tab completion, and automatic indenting; funcsave and funced make it easy to customize your shell.
29. Because the target XML document structure contains a nested hierarchy with repeating elements, you must customize this XML Output stage to aggregate information for each account.
30. The toolbar contains a subset of the actions available from the pull-down menus, and you can customize it to add, reorganize, or remove toolbar actions to suit your preferences.
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