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Unaccustomed in a sentence

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Sentence count:60+6 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-04-06Updated:2017-04-06
Synonym: strangeunfamiliarunusualAntonym: accustomedSimilar words: accustomedaccustomcustomercustomcustomizecustomarycustoms dutycustoms officerMeaning: adj. 1. not habituated to; unfamiliar with 2. not customary or usual. 
1 The unaccustomed exercise left him breathless.
2 He was unaccustomed to hard work.
3 I am unaccustomed to being told what to do.
4 They were unaccustomed to such military setbacks.
5 The unaccustomed heat made him weary.
6 I was surprised by her unaccustomed silence.
7 The point is that people grew unaccustomed to thinking and acting in a responsible and independent way. Herein lies another big problem.
8 She was completely exhausted by the unaccustomed heat.
9 She is unaccustomed to public speaking.
10 The Olympic and world champion finished in the unaccustomed position of fourth.
11 He began to comfort me with such unaccustomed gentleness.
12 Perhaps it was because she was unaccustomed to being kissed with such ardour.
13 Unemployed or still at school, often unaccustomed to budget discipline, young people now have unprecedented opportunities to outspend their means.
14 Rory had fumed, unaccustomed to being dictated to, but his will had proved the stronger.
15 They were people who were unaccustomed to silence, who were comforted by the racket of their own voices.
16 Hazel, like nearly all wild animals, was unaccustomed to look up at the sky.
17 I felt dizzy with the unaccustomed height.
18 Government service also brought Mr Packard unaccustomed public attention and made him and his company a magnet for controversy and protest.
19 Some of these visitors will be unaccustomed to country roads and to the hazards of walking along a road with no footpath.
20 The weather presented a particular challenge, especially for American servicemen unaccustomed to subarctic conditions.
21 The young herdsman briskly mounted a horse that was inclined to act up with an unaccustomed rider.
22 It is a part of Britain as yet largely unaccustomed to tourists.
23 As she stepped from her Rolls, Elinor shivered in the unaccustomed raw air of February.
24 Extensive field research can mean long periods living under adverse conditions to which the researcher is unaccustomed.
25 Imposing such a structure in baseball will take tough bargaining and unaccustomed discipline on the part of the owners.
26 For a fleeting second she allowed herself to revel in the unaccustomed feeling of having the upper hand over him.
27 Putting an economic rug back under the family means paying unaccustomed attention to issues of family business.
28 In fact she felt off her head,( her mind a sickening unaccustomed whirl.
29 Or was it Violetta who had moved nervously, frightened by the unaccustomed place and noises?
30 One can easily imagine how this apparent butchery of corpses might be misinterpreted by a stranger unaccustomed to such a practice.
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