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Custom in a sentence

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Synonym: habitmannerpracticetraditionusewaySimilar words: customeraccustomaccustomedcustodystompstomachgustodust stormMeaning: ['kʌstəm] n. 1. accepted or habitual practice 2. a specific practice of long standing 3. money collected under a tariff 4. habitual patronage. adj. made according to the specifications of an individual. 
1. Custom makes all the things easy. 
2. A bad custom is like a good cake, better broken than kept. 
3. Custom, then is the great guide of human life. 
4. Custom without reason is but ancient error. 
5. Custom is the guide of the ignorant. 
6. Once a use, for ever a custom
7. This particular custom has its origins in Wales.
8. Once is no custom.
9. Custom is a second nature.
10. The celebration of Christmas is a custom.
11. Custom makes all things easy.
12. It is the custom of foreigners to do so.
13. The origins of the custom are unknown.
14. In international custom,[] a nation that unilaterally breaks contracts must make good the damage.
15. This custom prevails over the whole area.
16. Custom rules the law.
17. It is the custom in that country for women to marry young.
18. The custom has continued from the 16th century downward.
19. The custom will never receive the sanction of tradition.
20. The custom of lighting the Olympic flame goes back centuries.
21. It's the custom of the country.
22. Custom is another nature.
23. The origin of the custom is obscure.
24. This custom is slowly fading out.
25. They still follow the custom of pinning money to the bride's dress.
26. Custom reconciles us to everything.
27. His custom was to get up early and have a cold bath.
28. The custom of arranged marriages still exists in many countries.
29. He left the house at nine exactly[], as is his custom.
30. The boat races during the Dragon Boat Festival are traditional customs to attempts to rescue the patriotic poet Chu Yuan. Chu Yuan drowned on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in 277 B.C. Chinese citizens now throw bamboo leaves filled with cooked rice into the water. Therefore the fish could eat the rice rather than the hero poet. This later on turned into the custom of eating tzungtzu and rice dumplings.
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