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Recognizable in a sentence

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Similar words: cognizablerecognizerecognizedcognizantcognizancerecogniserecognisedrecognitionMeaning: ['rekəgnaɪzəbl] adj. 1. easily perceived; easy to become aware of 2. capable of being recognized. 
1. John's car was easily recognizable in the car park.
2. The bird is recognizable by its flattened beak.
3. Little of the music was recognizable.
4. This situation produces recognizable stress symptoms.
5. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is an instantly recognizable landmark.
6. She was barely recognizable as the girl I had known at school.
7. The building was easily recognizable as a prison.
8. The male is recognizable by its yellow crest.
9. They were recognizable by the poverty of their dress.
10. After so many years she was still instantly recognizable.
11. The scheme's benefits were recognizable to all interest groups.
12. This dinosaur is recognizable by the protuberance on the top of its head.
13. The while there is no recognizable form to the poem, there is a tight coherence in the thematic development.
14. In more or less recognizable weather, more or less recognizable birds are greeting the dawn.
15. The Commissioner is a recognizable national figure, in modern times invariably a career police officer of high ability.
16. The load was covered in tarpaulins, but was recognizable as a gigantic naval gun.
17. These are not mitigated by the presence of recognizable and attractive actors and actresses.
18. Her voice is instantly recognizable.
19. He was instantly recognizable in the small but influential circle he kept.
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20. The body was found to be well preserved, his features easily recognizable.
21. The original text has been modified so radically that it is barely recognizable.
22. It needs skill to chip a block of stone into a recognizable shape.
23. The Macintosh casing was so distinctive that its visual presence would become as recognizable as a Volkswagen bug.
24. The slam dunk was the final, dramatic proof that women could play a game recognizable to male fans of the sport.
25. Splinters of wood were driven under his fingernails, and his face sustained such mutilations that he was scarcely recognizable.
26. Abnormalities it, urinary but not intestinal excretion of uric acid may produce clinically recognizable disorders of urate metabolism.
27. Among the faces looming out of the night, and through the fog of my exhaustion, my host was instantly recognizable.
28. The most controversial elements of the new law were its provisions defining recognizable and legitimate political parties and groups for electoral purposes.
29. They look like crude, longish pine cones, with bracts clearly recognizable as modified leaves.
30. Instead of tables of numbers, computer-based graphics can give instantly recognizable representations of complex relationships.
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